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Putin Orders Nuclear Forces To Highest Alert After Obama Moves Chemical Weapons To Syria

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The Ministry of Defense (MoD) this afternoon released an “urgent action report” to all of its commands stating that President Putin has just ordered 10 regiments of Strategic Missile Forces (SMF) troops, along with their Topol, Topol-M and Yars mobile atomic missile systems, to their “highest alert” status over fears that the Obama regime is preparing to unleash a “false flag” chemical weapons strike in Syria in order to justify their invasion of this nation located in the Levant War Zone.

According to the MoD, prompting President Putin’s actions were intelligence reports received from the Levant War Zone overnight documenting that elite American chemical weapons troops belonging to the US Army’s Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense (USAMRICD) and Edgewood Chemical Biological Center (ECBC) were landed overnight at the Rmeilan airfield in Syria’s northern province of Hasakah near the Turkish border.

Raising President Putin’s concerns even more about these US Army chemical weapons troops landing in Syria, this report continues, was that the US Air Force aircraft landing them at the Rmeilan airfield had made a previous stop in Kentucky in route to the Levant War Zone where the US has illegally stockpiled 524 tons of a spectrum of chemical weapons—including the deadly nerve agent Sarin.

Causing the Obama regime to even contemplate such a “grave escalation” of this conflict that could easily escalate into World War III, this report explains, was the total defeat of their “friendly terrorists” fighting in Syria this past week who succumbed to non-stop Aerospace Forces (Russian) bombings and lost control of the town of Sheikh Miskeen that is strategically located at a crossroads commanding a CIA southern supply route between the Jordanian border and the Syrian capital, Damascus.

In anticipating that their “friendly terrorists” would be utterly defeated at Sheikh Miskeen, this report continues, the Obama regimes Vice President, Joseph Biden, made an urgent flight to Turkey this past weekend where he warned that the US is ready to impose a military solution in Syria—a threat that is being backed up by their NATO ally Turkey’s massive military buildup along the Syrian border.

To what the Obama regimes true and ultimate goal is though, this report warns, is to use their planned massive invasion of Syria as “springboard” to ultimately destroy Russia—and as articulated by top Security Council (SC) member Nikolai Patrushev who this past week warned: “The United States’ leadership has set a goal of global dominance. They don’t need a strong Russia. On the contrary, they need to weaken our country as much as possible. To achieve this goal, the Russian Federation’s disintegration is not ruled out as well. This will open access to the richest resources for the United States, which believes that Russia possesses them undeservingly.”

Agreeing with Nikolai Patrushev’s grim assessment of what the Obama regime is actually doing, this report further notes, is the Professor Emeritus University of Arizona, Dr. Guy McPherson, who, likewise, this week warned that the United States is determined to lead Russia toward an escalation of tensions, putting the whole world at risk of a major military conflict.

With the US military, also, announcing this week that for the first time in their history they are changing how they will report civilian casualties in Iraq and Syria to make it impossible for anyone to ever know how many there are, this report further warns, nearly all of the pieces for the Obama regime to unleash “total hell” on this region (and the world) are now in place.

The one exception to this though, this report concludes, is President Obama’s actual legal authority to unleash World War III upon us all—but which the US Senate has taken a small step toward by making a new law authorizing the use of American military force against the Islamic State, but whose leaders said yesterday they will not actually pass legislation unless President Obama agrees not to limit where US troops can fight, how long the battle will last or whether ground troops can be used—in other words, Russia is up next.


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6 Responses to " Putin Orders Nuclear Forces To Highest Alert After Obama Moves Chemical Weapons To Syria "

  1. Lone Ranger says:

    The Russians are too soft with the U.S., if that did really happen and that plane really landed in northern Syria thant the Russians made a big mistake not shooting it down with their S-400 SAM system wich covers the whole of Syria, one lost plane and a few dead minions are still better than WWIII, just sayin.
    Also Im not aware of any plane that has a payload capacity of 500+tons, that would need at least 4 C5 Galaxy’s.

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    • gene says:

      But they didn’t shoot it down because no chemical weapons were brought to Syria, and there are no plans for a “false flag” chemical attack. Some of you people eat these bullshit stories up as if this propaganda site was the gospel.

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      • Lone Ranger says:

        Really? How can you be so sure about that after all the chemical and biological experimentation of the U.S. govt in the past 60 years?

        What about the recent outbreak of the zika virus in south and central america, or the swine flue in east ukraine it started from a U.S. run biolabor, just sayin.
        Im not saying this report is true but it could be true very well, remember the sarin gas attacks on Syrians a few years ago? They blamed Assad for it but the UN said its more like that it was the jihadist rebels, where did they get their stuff from?
        Where did saddam got his back than? Remember the genocide against Kurds in the late 80’s?

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  2. SGTSTEDENKO2 says:

    Relax Vlad our commie muslim queen is a feckless coward ,besides she is busy destroying the USA.

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  3. Ken Lee says:

    This guy who write this story is so full of shit. I see nothing of it ever happening. When gathering all of his stories …. we should be having world war 3 by now.. hahahahaha

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  4. Homophobe 2016 says:

    If you had viable intelligence on what could possibly be wmd’s being transported, would you really want to send a missle going mach 1 and scattering possible deadly agents over hundreds of miles?? True or not if you can’t see the conflict that’s about to occur, and has already began.. I guess you guys get intelligence briefings daily, and know more than I do?? Propaganda you say.. Govt funded terrorist are propaganda.. Mass shootings are propaganda, do you see any other news coverage on these stories?? I guess u keep up with CNN and fox news..@gene if you didn’t know.. The blue words in tha story are links to other info so the avg competent adult can look up there own info for themselves… You probly think Osama b ladin orchestrated 911… I’m sorry I just hate snide remarks commenting on someone’s comment like you know something we don’t..

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