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Obama “Destroyed” After US Navy Boats Transporting Top ISIS Terror Leader Captured By Iran

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The Ministry of Defense (MoD) is reporting today that the Obama regimes “master plan” for dealing with the Islamic Republic of Iran has been “completely destroyed” after special naval forces belonging to the Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution (Sepāh) during the past fortnight captured two “highly armed and sophisticated” United States Navy Riverine Command Boats (RCB) under the command of the Navy Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC) operating from the US Fifth Fleet in Bahrain who were transporting to Kuwait for transfer to Syria of a “top level” Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) terror commander.

[Critical Note: All of the events described in this report occurred on 29 December, NOT 12 January. The Pentagons information release of the capture of these vessels was done without President Obama’s permission and was done so by US military leaders intending to embarrass President Obama on the day of his addressing his nation because he had refused permission for US Navy forces to strike the Iranian forces while they were capturing these boats, but who were, likewise, unaware of Obama’s secret ongoing negotiations with Iran.]

According to this report, Iranian special forces naval troops utilizing intelligence gathered by the Joint Information Center (JIC) in Baghdad “discovered/unveiled” the Obama regimes “plot/plan” to secret into Syria from Saudi Arabia a “top level” Islamic State commander to replace the once feared Syrian terror leader Zahran Alloush who was killed on 25 December by an Aerospace Forces airstrike.

Once this Islamic State terror leader was in route to Kuwait aboard one of the US Navy’s RCB’s, this report continues, an “overwhelming” force of Iranian Sepāh naval troops captured both this terrorist, the US Navy boats (including the American sailors aboard them) transporting him and nearly ignited an all out war when Iranian forces were forced to fire “warning missiles” against the US Navy’s aircraft carrier USS Harry Truman attempting to intervene.

Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi, the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy overseeing this operation, this report notes, stated about this operation to capture this terror leader that the aircraft carrier USS Truman displayed “unprofessional moves” thus causing him to put Iranian naval forces on high alert and warning: “We prepared our coast-to-sea missiles, missile-launching speedboats and our numerous capabilities, to strike if they made a hostile move”.

Upon the US Navy “backing down”, this report says, the captured Islamic State terror leader and the American sailors accompanying him were brought to Farsi Island whereupon Admiral Fadavi immediately contacted Deputy Foreign Minister for European and American Affairs Majid Takht Ravanchi.

The importance of Admiral Fadavi contacting Minister Ravanchi, this report explains, was due to his, Ravanchi’s, months long ongoing secret negotiations with Obama regime representative Wendy Sherman—who, shockingly, the Obama regime put in charge of these negotiations as her prior experience in international diplomacy was her being a social worker and the former director of State of Maryland’s office of child welfare.

Once Wendy Sherman was advised by Minister Ravanchi of Sepāh’s capture of this Islamic State terror leader and American sailors, this report continues, the Obama regime immediately “caved/relented” to all of Iran’s demands relating to “prisoner/detainee” swaps thus securing for the Iranians everything they had asked for, including the immediate release of seven Iranian nationals languishing in US jails and an agreement that the US would no longer pursue extradition of 14 Iranians for their alleged involvement in purchasing arms from the US to Iran.

Iran on its side, this report says, agreed to release the four dual nationality Iranian-American prisoners it held—the two most important being Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) spies Nosratollah Khosravi Matt Trevithick—the most important of them being Khosravi whom the Obama regime requested of Iran, and was granted, that his release be treated separately from the other three.

As an added “bonus/incentive” for Iran keeping “confidential/secret” the US Navy’s transporting of this Islamic State terror leader, this report further notes, President Barack Obama, also, lifted the American’s decades-old ban on selling aircraft and repair parts to Iran’s aviation on Friday (15 January) a full day ahead of the United Nations lifting of sanctions under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)—and which Iran put into immediate effect by ordering billions-of-dollars worth of European Union made Airbus aircraft instead of US made ones.

To how the American mainstream propaganda media has covered up this entire sordid affair including changing its date from 29 December to 12 January proving, once again, the Obama regimes direct complicity in directing the Islamic State terrorists in Syrian and Iraq, this report concludes, borders on the “absolute comical” as the many versions of what exactly they keep saying happened has kept changing by the hour/day/week (US Navy boats broke down/US Navy boats had navigational errors) and they have “deliberately decoupled” the capture of these US Navy boats with the firing upon the USS Harry Truman aircraft carrier by Iranian naval forces—but which Admiral Fadavi bluntly stated about: “The incident [Iran firing missiles against the USS Harry Truman] occurred during Iran’s seizure Tuesday[29 December] of two US naval boats.


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  • Biff Marty

    Obama is the smartest president ever! He wanted for him to get captured. Love you Obama, I’m voting for Clinton because she will continue your great work of unifying the country!


      Do us all a favor and KILL YOURSELF.

      • Peter Cotsis

        Lend him your guns quiksdraw. If you don’t shoot yourself first.

      • Diane

        Not a nice comment, but I certainly understand where you are coming from.

      • James Paul

        I think Biff was trying to be more funny and not so serious.

    • John Massey

      Love the use of sarcasm there.

    • Jerry Lavelle

      Are you for real? If you really believe what you said then there really is no hope for you!
      You are part of the problem not the solution! Hillary is a lying POS! She will be under investigation her whole term just like she is right now! She shouldn’t even be allowed to run while under investigation by the FBI.

      • Peter Cotsis

        Don’t worry, they will furlough her for the inauguration.

    • Diane

      Another twisted liberal with no ethics and no conscience!

      • Peter Cotsis

        My irony meter just exploded.

      • Joshua C

        Pretty sure you fell into a sar-chasm.

    • Fletcher Harris

      only have one answer for that,you fully deserve 180 grain fmj,would love to deliver it myself!!!

    • Vietnam Guke Exterminator

      Yeah Biffy…. Double the National debt again to 40 TRILLION $$$$$$$$$$$ …. Who gives a S#!T about our future generations…. WTF

    • A Voice of Reason

      I sense the sarcasm!


    Barry Soetoro or Barack Hussein Obama wonder what is in his passport.
    Nationality Treasonous

  • Ove Nilsson

    she is a muslim too i think..


    Bath house barry is a muslim terrorist.

    • Peter Cotsis

      Bath house Barry? That kind of sounds like your whackjob gay fantasy. Just sayin.

      • Diane

        No….many people call him that as he was a frequent customer of gay joints in Chicago.

        • Peter Cotsis

          In 2016 it’s quite arguable that only makes him even more hip.

        • James Paul

          If Peter doesn’t know that Obama’s nickname in Chicago was “Bath House Barry”, then he has no business defending him, he knows nothing about the piece of crap president. Although Peter may have been a patron of the bath houses as well, maybe Barry gave Peter the nickname Peter for some reason we are unaware of.

  • jcd

    I think this is bull, the boating incident was merely a political stunt to make ignorant Americans feel better about our Iranian buddies who are getting aid from us now. It worked, too. Meanwhile better headlines disclose that Brooke is talking bad about Andre again and Justin got a tattoo on his balls. What we really really care about.

  • rixse

    EUT was created in October and is registered to the wife of a racist skinhead gang member who was involved in a bizarre stabbing incident last month.

    The article is expected.

  • BAM!

    Those boats are not highly sophisticated either. That was when I stopped reading.

    • D Wallace

      Your statement indicates that you couldn’t find your way into the pilot house on this kind of boat. This has at least 3 kinds of GPS, both manual and remote weapons management, sophisticated battle management systems, and whatever mission required systems that are installed at the time. It’s also capable of 56 knot speed and reversing course (180 degrees) in 50 yards.

      • BAM!

        No, they don’t. “Remote weapons management”? no they have MK19’s, 240’s and .50’s. GPS is not overly sophisticated these days. What boats are you thinking of?

      • BAM!

        None of that is very sophisticated…

        • Lone Ranger

          Milspec grade GPS recivers and digitally encrypted radio equipment…lol yeah nothing to worry about.

          • BAM!

            Harris radios are nothing extraordinary. Crypto was z’d before anyone was even close. Yall have never even seen one of these boats in person…

        • wernerpd

          Quit while you’re not ahead…

    • Leftist_Despiser

      Stick to things you understand. This isn’t one of them.

      • BAM!

        It’s funny because I worked with the same gear that is on these boats in the navy, yet I dont understand it.

  • halfnelson_73

    If you believe this then I got a bridge in Brooklyn NY you might be interested in buying.

    • Yeah I hate obama with a passion but this sounds like total crap. It doesn’t even make sense.

      • halfnelson_73

        Agreed. Completely.

    • billr

      Ha-ha. Well you can’t sell the whole thing because I sold a piece to a foreign exchange student from France. Lol

  • A Voice of Reason

    This reports lacks credibility. Here’s info on Wendy Sherman obtained using Google search.
    Wendy Ruth Sherman served as Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, the fourth-ranking official in the U.S. Department of State, from September 2011 to October 2015. Wikipedia
    Born: 1949, Baltimore, MD
    Political party: Democratic Party
    Education: Smith College, Boston University, University of Maryland, College Park

    • wernerpd

      So why did you leave off this part, “She has formerly worked as a social worker, the director of EMILY’s list, the director of Maryland’s office of child welfare, and the founding president of the Fannie Mae Foundation.” ?

      • Stephen Adams

        I am not in support of Obama, but really, this lady has climbed the ladder in a pretty admirable fashion.

      • A Voice of Reason

        I included a brief bio from a website. I wasn’t looking to critique her entire career.

    • Jim Cornwall

      Dig Deeper, Wendy Sherman, was a Bill Clinton appointee and was in charge of negotiations to keep North Korea from getting nuclear weapons.

  • Jonas Rapheal

    Sometimes unbelievable things do happen.

  • Trebreh Rennoco

    Will be glad when President Trump will be in charge 2017-2020: Then you all do not have to dig
    Deep to found negative thing ( it will be in your face & headlines everyday)

    • Tatonka

      I think D Trump better looks over both shoulders and keep his eyes wide open. I would not put it past his opponents to try to assassinate him

      • MoonBeamWatcher

        The same goes for General Petruis!
        If I was he I would publish every dirty little secret I know
        NOW for no other reason then to protect MY LIFE!

  • Meathead

    This is so screwed up that it actually makes sense.
    Having served in the “super spook” community, it is scary that this makes sense.
    WTF is going on?

  • James Paul

    After the next plane hits a sky scraper, I predict that the passport of a Syrian refugee or Barry Hussein Soetoro himself comes fluttering to the ground.

  • Wesley Thomas

    Lets put blame where it belongs,Congrrss and the House. They all have known and refuse to do anything. Our entire gov. is rotten to the core!
    It’s the peoples fault for voting the RINOS in office.
    I am not sure that it isn’t to late,buy we must rise up and fight. It is time to get these rogues out of office and turn things around!

    • USMC 64-68

      Don’t forget the other half of the people responsible – those who voted for Dear Leader and his party of commiecrats – anti-American, pro-Marxist, pro-Muslim subversives committed to the destruction of America in order to establish a Socialist State.

  • HomoRationalensis

    Iran should be wiped out for this, nukes dropped on the Iranians for humiliating US soldiers like this. All of them, gone

  • anthavio

    Two boats got lost and entered Iranian terriotorial waters and got seized. What is so spectacular about it? Is it secret that USA government is in contact with Iran officials? Of course they are. They just cancelled tons of embargoes few days ago.

  • Joshua C

    Wow… What drugs is the author of this article taking?


    What happened to warning transmission to approaching vessel, warning ignored…..vessel destroyed!….., Interogate the survivors!?

  • MoonBeamWatcher

    With all the missINFORMATION I just halted my circular flight
    for fear that I would fly right up my own Hershey Highway!

  • molonlabe23

    What a crock, they were captured by a fishing boat with a machine gun attached to it. Both Iranians weren’t even armed in the video.

    • Joshua C

      Yeah, because the Iranians made a point of accurately capturing their entire presence on video. *facepalm*

      • molonlabe23

        Yea well those two gun boats are armed with enough firepower to take out the bulk of the Iranian navy. They have Mk-38 Gatling Guns, missile systems, and advanced torpedos. Face Palm back at you.

        • Jay Roveda

          So you are saying that instead of destroying the bulk of the Iranian army, as you suggested they could, instead they surrendered like cowards and turned over the assets in their possession, which were two ships that could take out half a well developed nation’s navy and a terrorist with the will to do so? Obama will probably award them all the Medal of Honor!

          • molonlabe23

            You can’t read can you. I said it was a crock that two heavily armed gunboats boats were captured by what amounts to a couple of fishing boats with machine guns. There is something wrong with this picture. The state department also let it slipped that Obama called the Iranians and told them exactly where the boats were. He wanted them captured. The funny thing is those boats left under thier power after supposedly having mechanical issues. Do the Iranians have a universal Mr. Goodwrench that works on boats that got them back under power again. All the sailors were confined so they didn’t fix them. Most of the stuff the media report are lies and half truths so I wouldn’t trust thier explanations.

          • Lone Ranger

            Maybe it was their secret magrav tech wich was co developed with the Russians, it can switch off all electrical systems like an EMP but unlike an EMP it wont damage the systems, after it is switched off all the systems will go online again, maybe that happened to the boats as well, Im just guessing though.
            But it would be logical, the airspace is controlled by Russia so the U.S. govt could only smuggle in their isis buddies via land or sea, and the sanctions on iran were lifted 2 days later in return the iranians kept their mouth shout.

        • Joshua C

          No, those ships were not that heavily armed. Your original post that the Iranians were not armed was pure fantasy and naiveté.

  • Jon Doh

    EU Times……’nough said

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