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Globalists Covering Up Jihadist Violence

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Evidence that municipal authorities in cities as diverse as Cologne, Philadelphia, and Reykjavik covered up violent acts by jihadists may indicate that there is an international agreement between some nations to cover up such acts.

Police in Cologne, along with the administration of Mayor Henriette Reker, covered up the fact that the mass rapes and sexual assaults committed against German women on New Year’s Eve were carried out by Muslim immigrants, including some recently-arrived migrants from the Middle East. In addition, the German media participated in the initial cover-up of the identities of the perpetrators. Some observers believe that the order to cover up the assaults came directly from the German chancellor’s office in Berlin. Chancellor Angela Merkel originally invited over a million mostly Muslim refugees into Germany from civil war-wracked nations such as Syria, Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan. Every one of these civil wars were brought about by neo-conservative masterminded intervention by the United States and its NATO allies, including Germany.

It subsequently emerged that the Swedish government covered up incidences of mass rape at the “We are Sthlm” music festival in Stockholm in 2014 and 2015. The sexual assaults were carried out by young male migrants from Afghanistan and the youngest victim was a 12-year old Swedish girl. Swedish police revealed that the identities and ethnicity of the perpetrators were covered up in order to prevent the anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats party from gaining a political advantage at the expense of the Social Democrats currently in power in Stockholm. Similar mass gang rapes committed by Muslim men were reported in Kalmar and Karlstad. As with the German media, the Swedish media, including the large daily Dagens Nyheter, initially covered up the Stockholm rapes.

Mass sexual assaults by mainly Iraqi men against Finnish women have also been reported by Finnish police. As in Sweden, Finnish authorities have been reluctant to reveal the ethnicity and religion of the perpetrators.

In November of last year, the Reykjavik, Iceland police came under heavy criticism for releasing from custody two men found to have been torturing and raping Icelandic women in an expensive apartment in the Hlíðar district near central Reykjavik. The police also allowed the two perpetrators to leave Iceland. Although the identities of the two men were not disclosed, Icelandic social media commentary has focused on Muslim men as the perpetrators. Certainly, the fact that the Reykjavik police may have covered up another jihadi rape crime fits a pattern seen in Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki, and other Scandinavian cities.

The mass rape events are actually an ingrained part of Islamist society. Known as
“taharrush gamea,” it was carried out by mainly Muslim Brotherhood-supported Islamists against Egyptian and foreign women during the Tahrir Square demonstrations in Cairo.

In Rotherham, England, it emerged that authorities covered up between 1997 and 2013 the systematic rape of girls, some as young as 12, by Muslim Pakistanis. The Pakistanis were also involved in sex trafficking of young girls. The local police commissioner resigned after it was discovered he had engaged in “institutional political correctness.” The local Rotherham council leader also resigned. Jahangir Akhtar, the deputy council leader, lost his seat in an election and the Labor Party later suspended him from membership.

After Edward Archer, 30, a jihadist who swore allegiance to the Islamic State, tried to execute Philadelphia police officer Jesse Hartnett, who was sitting in his patrol car, the Philadelphia chapter of the Saudi-funded Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) attempted to push the meme that Archer was not really a practicing Muslim. Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney echoed CAIR’s statement by claiming that Archer was not a Muslim. Philadelphia Police Comissioner Richard Ross contradicted both CAIR and Kenney by stating that Archer was not only a Muslim but that he swore allegiance to the Islamic State. CAIR’s Philadelphia executive director, Jacob Bender, the Wahhabist-oriented group’s first Jewish official, did his best to divert the media’s attention away from the fact that Archer was a jihadist. Bender said, “I’ve called numerous imams and mosques to try to see if the name rings a bell with anyone. So far it hasn’t.”

CAIR and Kenney should have known about Archer, if previous rhetoric about “close cooperation” between Philadelphia’s Muslim community, the Philadelphia’s mayor’s office, and the local FBI office are to be believed. WMR previously reported on the jihadist activities that have taken place at a mosque in Palmyra, New Jersey. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has paid little attention to the activities in his own state, preferring instead to warn at presidential campaign venues, the threat posed by Islamists from abroad.

Asim Abdur Rashid, imam of Masjid Mujahideen on South 60th Street, the mosque attended by Archer and near where the jihadist tried to kill the Philadelphia cop, said he did not know Archer and that he was not a member of his mosque. Later, Rashid admitted that he did know Archewr but only by his Muslim name of Abdul Shaheed. The imam also later revealed that Archer Archer made the hajj pilgrimage to Mecca and studied Arabic in Egypt. The Philadelphia media painted a picture of Archer as a troubled man and quoted his mother as saying her son often heard voices in his head.

As previously reported by WMR, the Saudis, aided and abetted by their Israeli friends, the Turkish government, and CIA director John Brennan, are facilitating a Wahhabist invasion of Europe and North America. It is also noteworthy that Hillary Clinton’s chief aide, Huma Abedin, has close ties to the Saudis and that the Clinton Foundation received generous donations from the Wahabist-ruled kingdoms of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai.


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  1. Lone Ranger says:

    Its called High Treason, and its not only the leaders of our nations and the EU but also the military and intelligence community whom did not arrest any of these traitors and failed to uphold their oath they swore.
    Its a deliberate jihadi invasion of the western world to destroy it once and for all, possibly a set up for WWIII and civil war so that the banksters can take over when everybody is dead or not capeble to fight anymore.

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  2. SGTSTEDENKO2 says:

    Order out of chaos,the genocidal UN will move in and FINISH what the muslim terrorist started.

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