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Germany Reported In “Total Shock” After Obama “Grand Lie” Exposed

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The Ministry of Defense (MoD) is reporting today that German Luftwaffe (Air Force) commanders were left in “total shock” after their joint mission with Aerospace Forces over the Levant War Zone proved “beyond all doubt” the full complicity of the United States with Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) terrorists in the massive theft of Syrian and Iraqi oil thus exposing the Obama regimes “grand lie” of what this conflict is truly all about.

According to this report, two Luftwaffe Tornado jets armed with surveillance equipment took off from NATO’s airbase in Incirlik earlier today at 9:32am Central European Time for a three hour long mission over Iraq and Syria on their first “intelligence extraction” mission and were able to verify for themselves the nearly 12,000 Islamic State tankers and trucks carrying stolen oil transversing the Turkey-Iraq border under the full protection of the US and Turkish air forces that were recently discovered by Aerospace Forces satellite photos.

As Aerospace Forces aircraft are only able to operate legally under international law in the Syrian region of the Levant War Zone where they have used their considerable might to obliterate Islamic State oil facilities and tankers, this report explains, the Iraqi region is under the protection of the US Air Force who continue to allow this massive crime to occur without stopping it.

To what Germany’s “action/reaction” will be upon their Luftwaffe surveillance aircraft verifying for themselves today the full monstrosity of what the Obama regime is really doing to support Islamic State terrorists, this report notes, had previously been noted by President Putin who in warning those Western nations seeking to uncover the lies of the United States warned: “There are reports that a number of world leaders are getting undisguisedly blackmailed. It is not without reason that the ‘Big Brother’ is spending billions of dollars on surveillance around the world, including on their closest allies.”

And even though the Obama regime continues to state publically that Germany is one of their strongest European allies, this report continues, the evidence of their blackmailing the Germans continues to mount.

Particularly to be noted about President Obama’s blackmailing of Germany, this report continues, was that after the Germans announced this past Spring that they would be removing from Turkey their Patriot Missile batteries, and further warned that they were exploring the blocking of German tanks being sold to Saudi Arabia, the Obama regime unleashed against them an unprecedented economic attack claiming that Germany’s largest auto makers were selling defective cars in America.

Specifically to be noted about the Obama regimes blackmail economic attack against German automakers, this report explains, was the US preposterously claiming that the Germans installed into diesel fueled cars they sold in America defective software meant to deceive emission testing equipment.

With German diesel fueled cars sold in Europe being freer of harmful emissions than their American counterparts, this report continues explaining, the only software “adjustment” made to their cars sold in the US was meant to account for the type of biofuel used—which in Europe contains rapeseed oil, but in the US contains mainly corn.

Evidence that Germany is not going to tolerate the Obama regimes blackmail against them, this report states, also continues to mount after reports surfaced this week stating that German car giant Volkswagen has refused to turn over to the US any documents and that Germany will join Belgium in instituting a total arms ban against Saudi Arabia.

Germany’s Human Rights Commissioner Christoph Strässer, this report concludes, has also attacked the Obama regimes main Islamic State ally Turkey by warning that the situation in that country has “deteriorated drastically” under the rule of their despotic leader President Recep Tayyip Erdogan—and when combined with German businesses now openly calling for an end to sanctions against Russia, and Chancellor Merkel vowing to keep on track the massive Russian-German natural gas pipeline deal vital for her nations energy security, the complete rupturing of relations between Germany and the Obama regime may be coming much sooner than later.


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  • skreamer

    Im sure all Germans are walking around with their mouths open in such shock! ………..”oh no a politician lied”.
    For those of you who are not 10 years old yet….let me explain!……
    President=King of liars.
    your votes are not counted!
    Presidents are picked years in advance!
    If your over 20 years of age and still vote…your living in a fools paradise!

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    • Herbert Lubitz

      Absolutely right there………..

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    • sonnyboy

      I’m way over 20 years of age. The last 4 presidential elections, I did a write in. Did it do any good?…..no, but, I voted and soon that will be taken away from us. Who to believe? Not the left, MSM, or the right media. Must think for ourselves. The one worldnew world order globalists have brainwashed us on both sides of the media. Look at what has happened to the western nation in the last 30-50 years, you will understand one has to think for themselves. Pretty hard to do, when we are bombarded with the so called 2 sides to the stories. My opinion, and that ‘s all it is, is an opinion, there will be a one world government, whether we like it or not. Blood will be shed, but the demonic globalists are well prepared and welcome it. They will be safe, hiding in their fortified mansions, while the rest of us have to cope with their totally destructive plans.

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  • Orion

    And this is a surprise to who?. <—-Rhetorical question.. ;-)

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  • labar

    Maybe that’s why Merkel is allowing the ISIS sewage to flood into Germany non stop.

    If our GOP politicians don’t put a stop to Tyrant Obama now, all of them will have to be dealt with at some point too.

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  • Mike Lashewitz

    While I read the above I cannot help to remind THE AUTHOR about the fact that the computerized fuel emissions problem with American sold vehicles relates to the fact the cars themselves CHANGED THEIR PROGRAMMING only when the EMISSION CONTROLS TESTING module was attached.
    The claims above are misleading.
    However it is true that unnecessary and dangerously TOXIC corn base fuels are sold in a corn fuel SCAM by the wealth elite in America. A scam pushed by the very same criminal elite who pump fluoride into our water and chemicals in our skies.

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  • Peter Pan

    This is about the biggest bullcrap I’ve read since the chemtrail conspiracy. I wonder if the author and the people commenting realize how delusional they are. Sad to see wrong information like this post spreading across the web and uneducated people without any clue soaking up every word of it.

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  • DEW

    Lock and load my people we are definitely headed for revolution as this BS has to end. WE THE PEOPLE can not let this fraud in the WH implement any more destruction on our country. This pos HAS to be removed one way or another !!!

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