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Clint Eastwood: ‘Hey Liberals, Most people DON’T Win’

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Clint Eastwood is probably the most badass conservative celebrity in existence, so of course you know leftists hate him (see PC Liberals Furious At Clint Eastwood Over Caitlyn Jenner Joke…).

Clint Eastwood discussing the Oscars?

I don’t know anything about it. I just don’t that there are 1,000 people in the Academy and most of them haven’t won Oscars. A lot of people are crying I guess.

I agree, it was for the most part a benign quote merely given to someone who shoved a camera in his face as he was leaving a restaurant. So while it wasn’t necessarily an anti-political correctness rant, all that matters to leftists is that it wasn’t politically correct enough.

Of course, know what happens next…

@TMZ good thing you posted this educated comment from an old crusty racist. Nice work geeks.

– J.E Hall (@banffboy76) January 24, 2016

Good lord leftists are predictable. If there were a betting line available on how leftists will react to current events, I would own an island right now. With it’s own brewery, trampoline house and volcano made of chocolate. Also, you would all be my indentured servants well paid employees.

Also, I’ve talked about this one the podcast, but I have a story of meeting Clint Eastwood. Long story short, he was at the bar and I was nervously plotting on how I would introduce myself. Before I was able to gather my confidence, Mr. Eastwood noticed me, extended his hand and said “Hi, I’m Clint.” As though I didn’t know he was freaking Clint Eastwood. I don’t even know what I said. I’m quite sure I made an ass of myself, because well… you’re reading this at LwC, but he was more than polite. So Clint, if you’re out there reading this, I’m sorry that I didn’t have more to say. Also, I loved you in “Every Which Way but Loose.”

Either way, cheers to you Clint Eastwood. Thank you for joining the likes of Ice Cube, Michael Caine, and the woman who played the Fresh Prince’s aunt in speaking out against this privileged Hollywood leftist PC noise.


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