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Austrian Parents Furious After School Changes The Word “God” To “Allah” In Christian Hymn

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Parents of 10 year old children at a school in Austria are reportedly fuming after teachers assigned homework to learn the words to a Christian hymn.. except they substituted the word ‘God’ for the word ‘Allah’.

Austria’s largest newspaper Kronen Zeitung reports that school officials claim to have made the change the words to the song ‘Gottes liebe ist so wunderbar’ (God’s love is so wonderful) to ‘Allah’s liebe ist so wunderbar’ in order not to offend the Muslim children in the class.

The newspaper reports that an angry father registered a complaint with the Austrian schools inspectorate, saying that it is unacceptable to change the wording to Christian hymns.

The teacher and the Principal of the school are being questioned regarding the incident.

The teachers claim that Muslim and non Muslim children were supposed to be given different segregated versions of the hymn.

“The teacher had distributed to the Christian and Muslim pupils different texts.” said inspector Karin Lang, claiming that “In the case, a child must have received the wrong copy into their folder”.

The incident dovetails with a professor from the University of Vienna publishing a report warning of rapid Islamisation of Austria’s schools.

The government commissioned report noted that there are at least 150 “problematic” schools in the country.

Professor Ednan Aslan warned that Islamists are attempting to operate a parallel educational system under the radar of the governmental authorities.

The song controversy is also not an isolated incident.

Last month, video emerged of Canadian children singing a song which celebrates Muhammad’s arrival in Medina after he forced Christians to convert to Islam under threat of death.

“The video titled “Welcome to Canada Syrian Refugees” shows the choir singing one of the oldest songs in the Islamic culture.

Other similar incidents in California and Minnesota have angered parents, with schools forcing children to sing Muslim ‘fighting’ songs and songs about spreading the culture of Islam.


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6 Responses to " Austrian Parents Furious After School Changes The Word “God” To “Allah” In Christian Hymn "

  1. Lone Ranger says:

    Thats what you get after 60 years of brainwashed libtard rule, their society and culture is collpasing, thank the U.S. govt and papa soros for it.
    Western and northern europe is gone, embrace sharia law and gangrapes, if you try that shit in eastern europe though you will be dead quicker than you could say snackbar.

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  2. MizKrys says:

    Why are the schools and government and even businesses always afraid of offending every man made religion? They don’t care that they are offending God. We, as Christians do need to speak out more and do something about it. We do not need to be violent in doing so… Remember… we have the true God and it all begins with us “praying” together! Kick the devil and his demons back to hell where they belong and may those he has in bondage escape his deceits and lies. Glad the parent of the kid spoke out…. Bless them!

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  3. Stew E says:

    Why is it we are worried about offending them, when they do not seem to care if they offend us. Next, is this teacher an idiot. Allah is Arabic for God. No different than a Mexican saying Jaun instead of John. So why would you change one word into a foreign language out f the whole song. Next why would speaking English offend Muslims. If it does, then get the hell out of the west. Go back to the rock you crawled out from under

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  4. Jean-Francois Morf says:

    Please Google: Satan Allah
    Please Google: AntiChrist Muhammad

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    • Yousef Ahmed says:

      Jehova Means ‘I am the one who is’ and it is only to represent him and only the Almighty is authorized to use this phrase. If humans uses this phrase it is defintely meaning less. their is no word such as God in Abrahamic Faith. in Hebrew the, Ellah/Eloh represents Almighty THE CREATOR, Ellahim/Elohim is plural and it is THE CREATORS, in Aramaic language Alaha means THE CREATOR, and Arabic Language Allah, THE CREATOR. and in all these three languages Muhammad (PBUH) means Merciful. Any other representation as you mention in Google Search is wrong and blasphemy.

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  5. skreamer says:

    Allah can also be replaced with any of these words “PIG FUCKER, WOG

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