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Trump Schools Pompous Saudi Prince: "Has YOUR Country Taken ANY of the Syrian Refugees?"

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On Friday Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal slammed Donald Trump for proposing a ban on Muslim immigrants in the US until the government could alleviate security concerns.

Prince Alwaleed called Donald Trump a “disgrace” for his popular plan, saying on Twitter:

You are a disgrace not only to the GOP but to all America. Withdraw from the U.S presidential race as you will never win.

On Sunday Donald Trump responded to the Saudi Prince in epic fashion, Tweeting:

Has your country, Saudi Arabia, taken ANY of the Syrian refugees? If not, why not?”

Of course, Trump is right.

Saudi Arabia has banned Syrian immigrants from its country due to security concerns.

Over one million migrants will relocate to Europe this year.

But the wealthiest Muslim nations – Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Oman and Kuwait have accepted NO SYRIAN REFUGEES!

The wealthiest Gulf nations argue that accepting large numbers of Syrian refugees is a serious threat to the safety of its citizens because terrorists could hide themselves among civilians.

A Kuwaiti politician appeared on Middle East television and explained why the Gulf States won’t accept Syrian refugees.

They come from different cultures and won’t assimilate.


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  • Lone Ranger

    The saudi royal family are jihadists just like err-dog-an, millions have died and suffered because of them and many will till Russia and Syria will manage to destroy their demon spawns, oh I left out jihadi obongo bin laden of course…

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