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Marine Le Pen Wipes the Floor With Islam Apologists During EU Speech

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France’s Marine Le Pen makes one of the best and most passionate speeches the EU has seen in years.

Dear colleagues, France suffered an absolutely horrendous ordeal on Friday 13 November. I think the first respect we have to pay to the victims is to name what has assassinated them. But neither from French leadership nor in all the speeches which I heard this morning have I heard the name of the assassin. The assassin is not the “terrorism”; terrorism is the weapon that is in the hand of the assassin. The murderer is the ideology in the name of which terrorism does the killing. It is Islamist Fundamentalism, and you must say it! Because if you don’t say it, if you are unable to name the enemy, then obviously you cannot fight it!

But perhaps some of you are embarrassed to name it, because naming it forces on to question certain international friendships. It forces on to ask oneself the question of whether one can continue to have Saudi Arabia as an ally, or Qatar. It forces one to ask oneself about the ambiguity of Turkey regarding Islamist fundamentalism. It obliges one to face up to it and say that, yes, the majority of international agreements, of international alliances we passed, push us in reality to be today, objectively, the allies of Islamist fundamentalism, rather than its enemies. So I propose that we change our alliances, and I suggest that all those who fight against Islamist fundamentalism must be considered as allies, without any reservations, including, of course, Muslim countries that fight against Islamist fundamentalism, such Egypt, the United Arab Emirates evidently Russia, Iran, and then, in the frame of this grand coalition we can expect to be effective against Islamist fundamentalism. But I have to say also that one of the reasons for the alienation of France is Europe’s imbecile politics, which today is an obstacle to the return of security for the French people.

First among these imbecile policies is the question of mass immigration, which is old and which is the terrain of communitarianism and the answer to the question you ask: “But why are there terrorists who are born on our European soil?” It’s because of this: it’s because mass immigration has brought about communitarianism, and that “communitarianism/sectarianism” is the terrain on which the Islamist fundamentalism recruits their future soldiers.

The EU announced that 3 million migrants will arrive in Europe next year. Of course we do not equate ALL migrants with terrorists. Of course not. However, what I denounced in September in this parliament, the infiltration by Jihadists in the middle of this wave of migrants, is a reality, and last Friday this reality killed. You can pretend not to see this, but this reality is here and one cannot ignore it. Continue to let this flood of migrants come in, uncontrolled, when you know very well that the EU and that the countries at the European borders are totally incapable of controlling anything whatsoever and even less the identity of those who arrive, and you forego the means to fight against this terrible danger. I tell you, we want to get back our national borders, we have no confidence in the European borders, which are a veritable sieve.

Today the French borders are again controlled, temporarily, and we will do everything in our power so that they remain controlled definitively. You talk about control of information, but what control?! The passports held by the terrorists are not fake passports, they are REAL passports, issued by the Islamic State (ISIS) in the administrative bureaus they have taken over in Syria. That too is a reality which has to be faced.

In the same manner, you imposed austerity on us. This austerity obliged us to disarm. It is because of this austerity imposed by the EU that we have fewer soldiers, fewer police, fewer gendarmes and fewer border guards.

We’ve had enough of your politics of austerity; we’ve had enough of YOU deciding the priorities of OUR budgets. We want to take back our budgetary sovereignty in order to decide that it is more useful for us today to give budgetary priority to the security of our territory. It is we who want to decide this.

Since 13 November the state of mind of the French people has changed. The European institutions must understand that for us nothing will ever be like it was before. The immigration folly, the hatred of borders, the obsession with austerity, the bad choices of international alliances, have become dangers clearly identified by the French people. An increasing minority shares our views on these subjects.

There’s no doubt that the views are becoming predominantly lucid. We will be relentless in denouncing these dangers in order to defend the security of the French people against actions by European institutions, which I consider criminal.

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  2. Joe Hova says:

    That woman should be an East German shot-putter ( She has balls )

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  3. Johan says:

    Excellently stating the obvious truth and revealing the treacherous nature of the EU Commission as being slaves of the NWO as vividly enumerated by the following pronouncement: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFE0qAiofMQ). Listen to this evil witch and decide for yourself!

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