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ISIS Issues Fatwa Calling For Mass Killing Of American Dogs And Puppies

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A chilling report issued by the Main Intelligence Directorate General Staff of the Armed Forces (GRU) is warning today that the pet dogs and puppies of American owners have now become “targets for death” after the Islamic State’s (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) top religious scholar, Turki al-Bin‘ali, issued a fatwa authorizing the immediate mass slaughter of these beloved animals by their terrorist supporters currently residing in the United States.

According to this report, this Islamic legal pronouncement (fatwa) issued by the Islamic State Caliphates main ideological-religious leader, who currently resides under the protection of the US at their Bahrain naval base (NSAB), was in response to queries from many of their younger American “sympathizers/supporters” wanting to wage jihad but fearful of being captured or killed—or not being of sufficient age to “obtain/purchase” weapons.

Turki al-Bin‘ali’s response to these American followers, as outlined in his fatwa published earlier today in the Islamic State’s online magazine Dabiq, this report continues, was that while although the main duty of jihad was to “kill/destroy/main” as many infidels (non-believers/Christians/Jews, etc.) as possible, no matter what the cost, it is entirely acceptable, also, to strike fear into these Westerners by the mass murdering of their dogs and puppies.

With the estimated pet dog and puppy population in the United States being between 70-80 million, this report notes, this shocking Islamic State fatwa now provides for these terrorists with a new “target rich” environment in which to strike fear and terror into these peoples as American police forces will be virtually unable to rapidly respond to it as their current focus remains on the protecting of human lives and property—not pet animals.

Islamic State Caliphate scholar Turki al-Bin‘ali in his fatwa further describes the permissible dogs and puppies to slaughtered by his American “sympathizers/supporters”, this report says, by “allowing/advising” them to only kill those dogs and puppies residing in homes, not on farms—and cites as his Islamic religion authority to issue this fatwa the following “scriptures/sayings”:

Whoever keeps a dog, one Qirat of the reward of his good deeds is deducted daily, unless the dog is used for guarding a farm or cattle.

— Bukhari Vol. 3, #515

Prayer is annulled by a dog, a donkey and a woman (if they pass in front of the praying people).

— Bukhari Vol. 1, #490

Angels (of Mercy) do not enter a house wherein there is a dog or a picture of a living creature (a human being or an animal).

— Bukhari Vol. 4, #448

And to how inhumanly brutal these Islamic State terrorists can actually be in regards to the keeping of pet animals by people, this report warns, one need only look at their captured city of Ramadi, Iraq, where they have begun forcing families to not only kill their pets, but to cook and eat them too.

As the Obama regime and its mainstream propaganda media supporters continue to support these Islamic monsters, this report concludes, new reports that are showing that only 17% the American people support this “death cult” religion may soon change—and with the mass slaughter of their dogs and puppies soon to be unleashed upon them, one could rightly guess this number will fall much lower.


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  • Sheik Yerbouti

    This is so weak. They can’t bring full jihad into the US, so they want to attack animals? What a bunch of pu$$ie$

  • Marc Dantonio

    That’s only because we haven’t taught dogs how to use a 9mm. … YET!
    Add that to this satirical article. Haha!

  • Dr. Richard Kimble

    These people are truly insane.

    • Mandy Sullivan

      your insane if you believe this rubbish

      • NiceGuy 

        Your spelling is rubbish. It is you’re as in you are insane…

        • Mandy Sullivan

          oh it burns deep! shite comeback mate

          • NiceGuy 

            ** you edited **
            LOL loser.

        • SeaDimon

          There is no difference in using you’re and you are. You’re is a contraction. Mandy Sullivan is correct. You are wrong.

          • NiceGuy 

            Mandy edited her reply after I corrected her.
            Her original post was “your insane if you believe this rubbish”
            Welcome to 24 days ago you prick!!

        • gene

          You are a victim of a bad public school system.

          • NiceGuy 

            Mandy edited her comment. You people are dense.

          • gene

            Well Gee, I suppose I should check back to see if dumb comments are edited on an hourly basis for fear of being called dense.

      • LarryNC


  • mario

    religion is the opium of the people..never truer!

  • Gregory Fritz

    Wow, now you might get the left thinking their pets are in trouble and do something about ISIS.

  • Conservative Mark

    The AKC has just issued a Fat-wah for owners of Pit Bull terriers to turn them loose on ISIS. The NFL’s Michael Vick has been called in as an adviser. Mike advises spraying them with bacon first.

    • md

      ISIL will not mess with a Pit Bull.

      Read about Jack a Wartime Pit Bull- He was the only dog to be traded as a prisone of war

  • Stellar Steve, LSSA

    NOW the liberals will go on the warpath against ISIS. They don’t care about people being beheaded or burned alive, but mention anything against dogs, and that is all it takes.

    • Demoriot

      So true.

    • Barko_Polo

      I am certainly NOT a Liberal–however… Touch My Dogs–and there WILL Be PAIN Involved!!

  • snappyjojoy

    Now they have gone too far!!!

    Maybe since liberals don’t care about human life, they will at least care about a little puppy.

    • Matthew6:24!

      I warned of this LONG ago nobody listened

  • snappyjojoy

    I can tell you this, if a Muslim tried to cut my dogs head off, it would not be my dog who would be missing her head.

  • Martin Higgins

    Shit’s on…

  • Joe Citizen

    The Muslim culture just has not evolved much over the past 1,200 years, have they.

  • Demoriot

    Now they are encouraging ones too young, incompetent and cowardly to find a gun or bomb to attack dogs. I can see this ending badly, as the love of dogs crosses all political ideology in the US. Gang-bangers with illegal guns defending their pits or the average Joe with his lab and shotgun…I envision a lot of dead ISIS wannabe teens in this situation.

    • sanjay

      The b@st@rds should be eliminated every one of these Muzzie m@thrfkrs

  • bill smith

    Wow, maybe PETA and SPCA will spring into action…

    • Jan

      Don’t hold your breath. They both are animal murderers themselves.

      • md

        Maybe Federal laws needs to follow suit with Oregon . Oregon Supreme Court Declares Animals have same Rights as Humans

        • Debbie G

          No, not a good idea.

        • Jan

          While I agree that we should have laws protecting them, I do not think it is a good idea to grant animals equal rights with people. People should always come first and I can see the potential misuse of such a law. For instance, would we still be able to go off and leave our pets alone or would we be charged with animal neglect the same way parents are charged with child neglect?

  • JohnDeVries

    Harm my dog and I will torture you. If this doesn´t prove to the USA that Islam stinks and they need to be doing something about it then nothing will.

  • gene

    It’s not too easy to cut my dog’s head off when he’s crushing the knife hand.

  • Billy The Kid

    These douchebags need to be eradicated

  • Angel

    Nuke them fuckng countries up even the little ones need to go! They are disgusting and they are the enemy….they have no regard for us and ours. So fuck them…and nuke them all!

  • gespin3549

    Touch my dog and I’ll go to jail, but at least you’ll be in hell where you and your kind belong.

  • Danny Maldonado

    Listen America this is the answer to why they are doing this. Being that your dog is not only a family member of your household, he is also your burglar alarm and your protector of your home. In most cases a trained dog is more effective deterrent for intruders but most dogs likely will provide you protection out of pure natural instincts. With this being said, you are probably unaware that IsIs is here strong and training on our soil, preparing to caring out a bloodbath to all Americans. Lokal up Islamic camps like the one In Texas or the one in Colorado. They are not all called Islamberg but you can surely look up these incampments by simply googling them. They are killing dogs because they are getting rid of your early warning system before these attacks become active on all Americans and in all cities in all states. Why else would the Islamic loving president be attacking your 2nd Admendment right? Get more knowledgeable it is coming before the end of his present term in office.

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