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Hillary Supporters Want Her To Lower The Standard Of Living

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Activist prankster Mark Dice hit the strip in San Diego once again this week to expose how lefty Americans will agree with anything so long as they think Hillary Clinton is behind it.

This week, Dice sold the sheep members of the public on the idea that one of Hillary’s primary campaign promises is to lower the standard of living, and asked if they think it is a good campaign platform to run on.

“I think the standard of living should be lower because I like to go to the bars and drink the alcohol for lower,” one girl said, as her slightly more intelligent friends tried to warn her she was talking gibberish.

“Actually, I don’t know what that means.” said the mind-numbed girl.

Another young man just nodded his head and said he was looking forward to Hillary lowering the standard of living, saying he believed it to be a good policy. When asked if Hillary was the person to do that for America, he replied “maybe,” clearly not having a clue what he was talking about.

Another trendy beach zombie attempted to sound like he had a brain by saying how much better Bernie Sanders is than Hillary. When asked if Hillary is the right person to lower the standard of living, he replied that the idea “works for her because it fits her personality,” but went on to say, “as an American, I don’t think I can stand behind that,” saying he would rather vote for Donald Trump.

Having a hard time understanding human communication, another American woman said she doesn’t “really keep up with that,” when asked about the standard of living.

Another man initially said he agreed it is “definitely long overdue,” to lower the standard of living, then caught himself and burst into laughter, saying he just thought about what Dice had said and realised it was ridiculous.

“Thank you for catching on,” Dice told the guy as he walked away laughing at himself in shame.

Dice has recently documented Americans declaring support for repealing the Fourth Amendment, repealing the Bill Of Rights, introducing a ‘white privilege tax’, and introducing Sharia Law, purely because they were told that Hillary Clinton supports these things.


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2 Responses to " Hillary Supporters Want Her To Lower The Standard Of Living "

  1. Abe says:

    “A gerbil in every colon” Barry Soetoro

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  2. Lone Ranger says:

    Libtards, eat another empty salad while hitlery buys herself another Gulfstream V.

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