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Fukushima radiation detected off US and Canadian shores again

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Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) workers standing before the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant at Okuma town in Fukushima Prefecture, northern Japan.

Researchers detect higher levels of radiation from Japan’s 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster off North America’s shores.

Ken Buesseler of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution said on Thursday recent tests of Pacific Ocean water revealed that the Fukushima nuclear power plant continues contamination of the ocean with radioactive isotopes.

Buesseler said samples taken from several hundred miles off the shores of Oregon, Washington and California as well as Canada’s Vancouver island over the past few months tested positive for cesium-134.

Cesium-137 isotope was also detected at low levels in almost all seawater samples tested by Buesseler and his fellow researchers.

“Despite the fact that the levels of contamination off our shores remain well below government-established safety limits for human health or to marine life, the changing values underscore the need to more closely monitor contamination levels across the Pacific,” said Buesseler.

Last year, Buesseler said Fukushima radiation was detected in samples taken off the coast of northern California. In April, radiation was also identified off Canada’s shores.

The latest figures show that the spread of Fukushima radiation is not limited to certain locations, but can be found along a stretch of 1,000 miles offshore.

In March 2011, a massive tsunami triggered by a magnitude-9 quake filled the Fukushima nuclear cooling systems with water, sending some reactors into meltdown and sparking a decades-long cleanup effort by the Japanese government.

Shortly after the accident, radiation was released into the sea, food chain, and air, and now the Fukushima incident is the worst nuclear accident since the 1986 Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine.


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4 Responses to " Fukushima radiation detected off US and Canadian shores again "

  1. Lone Ranger says:

    No worries folks its only a 100times worse than Chernobyl was…

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  2. Baba says:

    You would have to be very superstitious and paranoid to be concerned about radiation from Fukushima. The so called contaminated radioactive water being released, is most likely safe to swim in even before it’s been diluted by the entire Pacific Ocean. No one has been killed, or even made sick by the Fukushima reactors, yet the media hype continues. The media is never accoutable for the suffering caused by this paranoia as some people are afraid to live near the reactors. It seems the government and media are playing with some kind of antinuclear agenda.

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    • Lone Ranger says:

      Dont be that conformist they said the same about Chernobyl and 30years later we know that it killed directly or indirectly more than 500.000 people.
      Fukushima has 4 reactors melted down since 2011 two of them also exploded, they arent contained, Chernobyl was contained within 6months.
      Sofar Fukushima has released a 100times more radiation than Chernobyl according to scientists and its ongoing.
      Radiation can be detected even on the U.S. west coast, what you you think how strong the radiation has to be at the source to trigger alarms 12.000km away?
      Whales and seals are dying en mass due to cancer in the Pacific look it up.

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  3. TJ says:

    The solution to pollution is dilution.

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