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Christmas 2015 is now officially the Warmest Christmas on Record

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Records are being shattered this holiday season as cities around the US are experiencing their warmest Christmas on record.

If you were dreaming of a white Christmas, chances are you can forget it this year. Records are being broken around the country as temperatures are reaching between 20 and 35 degrees above their historical averages and even as much as 15 degrees above previous record highs.

​The northeast saw some of the most dramatic breaks from holiday tradition. Thursday’s high in Boston of 69 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius) well eclipsed the earlier record of 61 degrees Fahrenheit. Burlington Vermont hit 68 degrees (), 17 degrees above the earlier record of 51 set in 1957. The southeast has not been immune as reflected by Norfolk, Virginia’s record of 82 degrees, 7 degrees above the 75-degree record set way back in 1891.

Only in northern Maine were residents witness to snow with more than an inch on the ground in time for Christmas. Compare that to last year when Boston saw record snowfall complete with what seemed like weekly snowstorms.


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