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China to impose sanctions against US

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China intents to impose sanctions against the American weapons suppliers to Taiwan. The statement was made by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Ministry has already voiced a vigorous protest to the agreement worth $1.83 billion and delivered a note to the US Chargé d’Affaires.

Mikhail Karpov, Associate Professor at the School of Asian Studies, Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs, Higher School of Economics:

‘I believe that these sanctions will have minor consequences. These sanctions against the US are not quite serious. I mean just technically, the content. In fact, the US works very carefully with Taiwan, it’s not going to make China rather angry. Thus, some deals are taking place, the Americans will not let Taiwan alone for sure. But it is difficult to say which will be the real volume of the American cooperation with Taiwan. There will be held elections in January and there are serious prerequisites for the Democratic Progressive Party coming into power. And there really occurs a situation of uncertainty. The China-Taiwan relations will start freezing for sure, and the question is which stance the US will take up. Obama is a good president. I’ve always said that concerning the foreign policies, Obama may be the second president after “Bush the Elder” who uses his noodle. But he will also leave. And a lot of things may be started at the end of 2016. I do not believe that the Americans will let Taiwan alone in any case.’


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One Response to " China to impose sanctions against US "

  1. LarryNC says:

    You wrote: “China to impose sanctions against US.”

    It’s about time that someone did. Let them see how they like it. I am an American citizen, but I am sick and tired of this out of control government thinking that it has some kind of divine right to police the entire globe and to tell every other country on the planet how it must act. Just my honest opinion.

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