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Buchanan Predicts Dissolution of EU, Is US Next?

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The European Union is seemingly heading to dissolution, unraveling along ideological, national, tribal and historic lines, US conservative commentator Patrick Buchanan observes, asking whether the multiracial and multicultural United States will face similar fate.

The European Union, overloaded with an economic recession, a refugee crisis, and growing secessionism, risks falling apart at the seams, Patrick Buchanan, a prominent political commentator and syndicated columnist, warns.

In his article for the American Conservative Buchanan refers to his pessimistic prognosis regarding the future of the European Union written back in 2002 and states that what was predicted 14 years ago has come to pass.

“Europe is dying. There is not a single nation in all of Europe with a birth rate sufficient to keep its population alive, except Muslim Albania. In 17 European nations, there are already more burials than births, more coffins than cradles,” Buchanan wrote in 2002, drawing a gloomy picture of upcoming refugee crises, an upsurge in secessionist movements across the EU and Europe’s aging population problem.

Alas, Buchanan’s dismal prognosis has seemingly come true.

The columnist stresses that the tide of migrants into Germany has reached one million in 2015. Brussels’ attempts to “bribe” Ankara in order to stem the flood of asylum seekers have not yet borne any fruit: refugees still continue to flow into the EU.

In response, the agenda of anti-immigrant right-wing parties has caught a second wind.

“My prediction that European ‘patriots will recapture control of their national destinies,’ looks even more probable today,” the US conservative commentator notes.

He points out that UK Prime Minister David Cameron and Marine Le Pen, the head of France’s anti-EU National Front are scoring political points by demanding a return of national sovereignty from the EU.

The EU’s Schengen Agreement is being violated and is actually hanging in the balance amid the ongoing refugee crisis.

Europe is facing an economic and cultural clash between a rich North and a less affluent South — Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal — frustrated by constant demands of the EU northern nations for greater austerity.

To complicate matters further, Islamic and Third World migrants, entering the EU at a growing pace, are not assimilating into the European community.

“The enclaves of Asians in Britain, Africans and Arabs around Paris, and Turks in and around Berlin seem to be British, French, and German in name only. And some of their children are now heeding the call to jihad against the Crusaders invading Muslim lands,” the US columnist stresses.

In a word, the “Mother Continent” is crumbling, being torn along ideological, national, tribal and historic lines.

The question remains open whether the United States, with its decreasing white population would face similar fate, the conservative commentator notes.


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