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America Can't Be Great Again if I don't win - Trump

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The nation needs Donald Trump in the Oval Office if it hopes to return to the great country it once used to be, the presidential candidate said on Wednesday.

Speaking to radio host Alex Jones about the urgency of the 2016 election, the GOP frontrunner asserted he was “in this to win it,” and promised not to step down if he were to receive death threats two months out from the election.

“I am in this to win it, I am not in this to say, ‘Oh gee, I’ve done a really good job,’” Trump told Jones in an exclusive interview.

“A reporter called up – a very powerful reporter – and said ‘How does it feel?’ Cause they said what we’ve done has never been done before politically. You know I’ve been in the polls for five months, since it came out I’m number one,” Trump recalled.

“I said, ‘It’s only good if we win. If I don’t win, I’ve wasted a lot of time, that’s the way I view it.’ He said, ‘No, no, you haven’t.’ I said, ‘Believe me, if I don’t win – because we can’t do anything to make our country great if I don’t win. I’ll be watching television someplace, it’ll be – forget it.’”

Discussion featured at 29:52.

Trump also related to Jones how the upcoming election could be a turning point in fixing the monumental errors set in motion by the Obama administration.

“The key is make America great again,” Trump said. “We can make America great again, but if you have to suffer through four more or eight more years of what’s gone on in the past…”

“And it’s just… we’re being eaten away, it’s eating away at our country and we can make, in my opinion, we can make America greater than ever before, but we have to get going, it has to happen, we have to get going.”


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