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Volkswagen Finds New Fuel Consumption Fault

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Volkswagen has uncovered yet another software problem affecting its vehicles’ fuel consumption.

Volkswagen has uncovered yet another software problem affecting its vehicles’ fuel consumption, German media reported Thursday, adding to a massive pollution cheating scandal that has engulfed the auto giant.

“Volkswagen has new software problems, including one that has a direct impact on the consumption” of the vehicles, AFP has quoted Die Welt daily as announcing in a report.

The faulty software manages the recovery of energy, which can be used to recharge car batteries, an essential component that keeps the vehicle’s lights and air-conditioning or heating running.

A problematic energy recovery system means that the car would have to use more fuel.

A Volkswagen spokesman quoted by the newspaper confirmed the problem, but said it affected “certain vehicles rather than all the vehicles of this or that series”.

Die Welt said the car company had first revealed the problem during a meeting with German investigators on the emissions cheating scandal that erupted at the end of September.

Volkswagen stunned the world with its admission then that it had fitted 11 million diesel vehicles with software “defeat devices” designed to cheat in nitrogen oxide emissions tests.

But Volkswagen subsequently revealed that beyond the nitrogen oxide scam, it had also understated carbon dioxide emissions of 800,000 vehicles, including petrol cars.

The scandal prompted the recalling of thousands of cars worldwide. In the latest instance of this South Korea announced on Thursday that it has ordered the recall of 125,522 Volkswagen cars after revealing that its own testing showed that the carmaker deliberately manipulated a diesel emissions device in vehicles with an older engine.


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