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Rioting Illegals Demand Entry to Britain

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Rioting illegal migrants housed at an army base on the island of Cyprus are demanding Britain take them in immediately.

Police were called in to quell the disturbance at the RAF Dhekelia base.

The migrants trashed taxpayer funded living quarters and burned tents.

Many say they are no different than detainees at Guantanamo Bay.

“Those staying there have access to three meals a day, shelter, privacy and communications, which United Nations staff have visited and say exceeds the standard of comparable set-ups,” a spokesman for the British military said.

The UK has not agreed to grant the migrants refugee status. The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, insists the ”vast majority of people who are setting off into the Mediterranean are not asylum seekers, but people seeking a better life.”

A House of Lords’ EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee report demands the government “refer to the present crisis as a refugee crisis” and allow the migrants into the country.

Steven Woolfe, the migration spokesman for the UK Independence Party, said allowing thousands of illegal immigrants into Britain will bankrupt the country.

“For the UK to reclassify all migrants as ‘refugees’ would be as big a mistake as Mrs Merkel’s summer declaration that Germany is open to all refugees. The cost in one year alone in giving all migrant arrivals asylum status would bankrupt Britain,” he said.


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