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Merkel Calls For “Tolerance” Towards Migrants After Paris Massacre

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Open border policy likely to come under intense scrutiny after last night’s bloodshed.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel responded to the Paris massacre by calling for “tolerance” towards migrants and respect for “the right of everyone to seek his fortune and live,” as her policy of allowing in hundreds of thousands of refugees came under fresh scrutiny.

“We believe in the right of everyone to seek his fortune and live, to the respect for the other and tolerance,” said Merkel. “We know that our free life is stronger than any terrorist. Let’s give the terrorists the answer by living our values confidently. And as we affirm these values throughout Europe. Now more than ever.”

Just last month, top security experts warned Merkel that the middle class in Germany is becoming “radicalized” in response to the migrant influx and that domestic unrest may occur as a result.

The warning was “circulated among high-ranking security officials in the federal government,” according to the report.

With Poland already announcing that it will refuse to take in any more refugees after the bloody attacks in Paris, Merkel’s open border policy, already under fierce criticism, is likely to face intense opposition given ISIS’ vow to smuggle in jihadists amidst the waves of migrants.

Meanwhile, Front National leader Marine Le Pen struck a far different tone to Merkel, calling on France to tighten its borders.

“France must determine who its friends are and who its enemies are. France’s enemies are those who maintain links with Islamism. Once and for all, France must recapture control of its borders,” said Le Pen.

“Islamist fundamentalism must be destroyed, radical mosques must be closed and radicals clerics must be expelled. French terrorists must be stripped of their citizenship and banned from this country.”


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  • Lone Ranger

    Arrest merkel, hollande, cameron, juncker, sarkozy, obongo, mcCocaine and hitlery clinton for High Treason, deliberately aiding and supporting the enemy and putting EU and U.S. citizens into harms way, DO IT NOW, until its not too late!

    • ILUVUSA2

      Again, Do It Now before it is too late!

      • Lone Ranger

        Thanks paps:)

  • Edward_Teach

    Tolerance? That will get you and your family killed. Tolerance has solved nothing.

  • Edward_Teach

    This is an uncanny prediction from Nostradamus (1503-1566):

    In Germany, a new sect shall be born which shall renew ancient pagan times.

    • skreamer

      Nostradamus was one of them….an illuminatist!
      His so called predictions are really just what the illuminati want you to think!
      Its a subconscious program trying to make people believe the end of the world or judgement is coming! and yes 500 years ago they new they would be here with nuclear power etc! They try to do anything to make people believe this stuff because its the people who have the power to do this stuff….”if they believe it”.

      If there was any truth to his predictions they would have made it that YOU would never have heard of Nostradamus! They control the media! Its only through there TV shows that people even familiar with Nostradamus.

      So Nostradamus predictions are really more like…”what the illuminati intend to do”!

      • Tired old man

        You are a very wise, intelligent person skreamer.
        Google kate of gaia.com
        Another rarity who has walked your road.

  • skreamer

    Kill it!

  • Jutta Gyllichsen


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