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Islamic State Terrorists to attack Britain, Italy and USA

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Terrorists of Islamic State terrorist group threaten to attack Great Britain and other countries.

According to their messages via Twitter, militants will attack Rome and Washington as well.

Earlier, British Prime Minister David Cameron said that his country may become another target for terrorists. The authorities of the United Kingdom are tightening security measures to prevent possible terrorist attacks.

On November 12, members of Islamic State terrorist organization, the activities of which are banned in Russia, published a video online, in which they threatened to send a “disastrous wave” to Russia and Europe. The militants said in the video that the world would soon shudder.

On Saturday, at least 153 people have been killed in terrorist attacks in Paris, France. The number of victims was the largest in Bataclan concert hall.


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4 Responses to " Islamic State Terrorists to attack Britain, Italy and USA "

  1. Lone Ranger says:

    Arrest merkel, hollande, cameron, juncker, sarkozy, obongo, mcCocaine and hitlery clinton for High Treason, deliberately aiding and supporting the enemy and putting EU and U.S. citizens into harms way, DO IT NOW, until its not too late!

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  2. Lora9 says:

    It’s time for the Military in all the European Countries to take over, imposed Martial Law then arrest and deport by force all the savage Muslims and all the the other non-White blood-suckers. If they don’t remove the blood-thirsty Muslims the Europeans will never be safe ,

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  3. Edward_Teach says:

    It is racism pushed by a barbaric cult, deport for a safe and peaceful future.



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  4. Sheik Yerbouti says:

    Washington eh? Do they realize they would probably be doing us a favor? Can they wait for congress to be in session and not on a long holiday?

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