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France Suspends Schengen Visa to Protect from "Climate Terrorists"

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France suspends the Schengen agreement and imposes border controls.

The move by the French government is temporary and the country will suspend its participation in the Schengen agreement for a month starting November 13.

During this period, foreign citizens, who have a Schengen visa, won’t be able to enter France without a French visa. This means if people have planned holidays in France, they should now apply for a French national visa in addition to a Schengen visa.

The precaution was taken to decrease the likelihood of a terrorist threat or public disorder (protests, resistance, opposition) prior to the UN Conference on Climate Change in Paris, French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said.

“It’s by no means a suspension of the Schengen,” Cazeneuve stated in an attempt to excuse the actions of his country.

The Schengen zone has currently 26 members, including most EU members and four non-EU members. The idea behind the agreement is that the citizens of Schengen countries can access any country without the need to go through border controls and visitors can travel across the Schengen zone with one common visa that applies throughout the entire Schengen zone.


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