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EU Borders Will Remain Wide Open Despite Paris Attacks Says Juncker

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At a G20 summit in Turkey, Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission has denied that Europe’s open borders allowed the Paris attacks to take place.

“I read here and there, I hear here and there that the true explanation of the events that took place in Paris is due to the fact that Europe is a continent with open borders, a continent that showed a certain generosity when it comes to dealing with the refugee crisis: this is not my analysis” he said.

“My belief is exactly the opposite of those and those who believe that the explanation underlying the attacks would be the European model.”

“He must see that those who organized these attacks and those who perpetrated them are exactly those refugees flee and not the reverse. And therefore there is no need to review the whole European refugee policy.”

“I try to make it crystal clear that we should not mix the different categories of people coming to Europe. The one who is responsible for the attacks in Paris cannot be put on an equal footing with real refugees, with asylum seekers and with displaced people.”

“These are criminals and not refugees or asylum seekers. I would like to invite those in Europe who are trying to change the migration agenda we have adopted – I would like to invite them to be serious about this and not to give in to these basic reactions. I don’t like it.”

“Do not confuse the perpetrators of criminal acts in Paris with the asylum seekers, with migrants who have good reason to knock on our doors; and do not confuse those who committed these atrocities with those who flee the philosophy and mentality that inspire acts that unfortunately we have seen in Paris.”

In other words he is saying, there will be no policy change in Europe. In their view, the “migrant crisis” is that there just aren’t enough of them in Europe yet.

When was it declared that Europe’s borders were to be opened??? Juncker admits that “Europe is a continent with open borders“.

Yes, the Schengen agreement means that Europeans are free to travel to other EU countries, but there has never been an open border policy declared, which would allow people from outside the EU to move there.

But for several months now, what we have seen is the EU dictators ignoring the fact that these people are ILLEGAL (does this word even mean anything anymore?), and screaming that they must be “distributed” all across Europe.

Then when that failed, they held a hushed-up Malta summit to persuade African countries to swap illegal immigrants for skilled legal immigrants, which also has failed.

They are trying to get as many non-European immigrants as possible into Europe because it is obvious by now that they want to annihilate the European genetic line. This is not some paranoid conspiracy, the people behind this have themselves admitted that this is what they want.

Legally speaking, this is genocide as it breaches the UN genocide conventions. It is a crime to target a group for harm or destruction, and turning a group into a minority with mass immigration certainly does meet that definition.

Indeed, we are all living in desperate times where normal is considered abnormal and abnormal is considered normal. Illegal means nothing and law is enforced only where and when wanted. A Godless and lawless society…

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