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Anthropogenic Climate Change is a Geostrategic Weapon - Putin

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Russian President Vladimir Putin says global warming is being used as an economic weapon against his country.

He characterized climate change as a “fraud” used to prevent Russia from tapping its vast oil and natural gas reserves.

Greenpeace claims 85 percent of CO2 equivalent emissions in Russia come from its energy industry.

According to a political analyst Stanislav Belkovsky, Putin believes “there is no global warming, that this is a fraud to restrain the industrial development of several countries, including Russia.”

“We found that, while climate change does exist, it is cyclical, and the anthropogenic role is very limited,” Andrey Illarionov, Putin’s senior economic adviser in the early 2000s, told The New York Times. “It became clear that the climate is a complicated system and that, so far, the evidence presented for the need to ‘fight’ global warming was rather unfounded.”

In September Putin’s top adviser on global warming dismissed criticism of Russia by Climate Action Tracker, a group of climate research groups linked to the United Nations and the World Wildlife Fund, a Rockefeller funded NGO. The group said Russia has a worse record of carbon emissions than China, the United States and the European Union.

Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Fund have complained Russia does not consult them on its climate policies.

“It is their opinion, it does not reflect anything and is not objective,” said Alexander Bedritsky.

Bedritsky made the remark on the sidelines of a Moscow meeting of the United Nations’ International Panel on Climate Change.

“They can say whatever they want, but our commitments are based on around 70 scenarios of how the climate system will be developing.”


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    This is heresay, from a political analyst, Stanislav Belkovsky, not Putin’s words. Let Putin speak for himself.

    • Ella

      and how its different,
      isnt Belkovsky Russian and not working for/with Putin?

      • ILUVUSA2

        I would like to hear it from Putin himself. Does Belkovsky speak for Putin? As I see it, he does not.
        I agree that the global warming issue is being used as a weapon against valid energy resource corporations and against countries.

        • Ella

          well, i dont see the difference, but also agree with you on the rest

  • skreamer

    Anything said by any of the controllers of earth is complete bullshit!
    These people are trained to lie!
    Its there job!
    If there good at it, they get rewarded!
    Notice now how Russia is good cop and USA is bad cop! its the same old game!
    Dont vote…….it only encourages them!

  • Martha Lee Vincent

    PUTIN IS RIGHT !!! obama is also trying to destroy the energy corporations of the U.S. He wants to keep the U.S. poor and under the tyranny of he and the Democrats !!!

  • Ron
  • Sandra Villarreal

    Putin’s right again! While Obama was at the Paris Talks this year promoting Global Warming kissing their asses to gain yet more brownie points. It must be how that man got so brown. The first thing Trumps did as President was take Climate Change OFF the table. He knows Climate Change it’s a complete hoax. He’s also investigating the truth behind the deadly vaccines. And we pray he’ll look into Obama’s loving GMO foods that keep us sick, if not out right killing us. I highly praise Putin for not poisoning his citizens with GMO foods.

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