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Washington Tries to Impress Iraq to Prevent Baghdad From Turning to Moscow

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Russian-led counterterrorism efforts are so successful that they are “unnerving” Washington, CCTV reported. As a result, last week US leadership decided to act so as to prevent Iraq from fostering ties with Moscow.

The Chinese media outlet believes that the operation to free hostages in Northern Iraq followed this new logic. Last Thursday, US and Kurdish forces managed to free 70 people from a prison located to the west of Kirkuk. The operation saw the United States lose its first soldier in combat since Obama launched the campaign to degrade and ultimately destroy Islamic State.

This mission raised questions over Washington’s plans in Iraq. On Friday, US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter tried to dispel fears of the possible mission creep by saying that the US was not “assuming a combat role” and the operation was “a continuation of our advise-and-assist mission.”

However, Carter stated that similar missions, which redefine assistance if not blur the line between combat and training, could be conducted in the future.

The operation took place on the same day as Vladimir Putin’s approval rating hit a new high reaching 89.9 percent. The Russian leader is increasingly popular at home due to his efforts to help solve the Syrian crisis, the Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM) explained.

However, Putin’s campaign, which has both diplomatic and military components, does not go unnoticed outside of Russia and especially in the Middle East.

CCTV believes that the US-led hostage rescue operation was a show of force aimed at Iraq’s leadership. The mission was meant to send a clear message to Baghdad, which is rumored to be planning to ask Moscow for greater assistance in its fight against Islamic State.

Iraq’s concerns are reasonable. After more than 12 months of US-led airstrikes ISIL still controls large parts of Northern Iraq, including the second largest city in the country, Mosul.

Meanwhile, extremists are reported to be fleeing from key areas in Syria largely due to the Russian-led aerial campaign, which was launched less than a month ago.

The United States, according to the media outlet, will not let Iraq leave the fold.


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  • Lone Ranger

    Not to impress, more like to intimidate.
    U.S. didnt put boots on the ground for years while their jihad buddies were slaughtering the civilian population in Iraq, Syria and Libya but now when Russia is winning against the jihadists they want to “help”, if you belive that I have an bridge to sell you.
    They either want to directly aid the jihadists with the U.S. armed forces or they want to use U.S. troops as Human shields so that Russia wont be able to bomb the bad guys, either way, D.C. is going deeper into retardation by the day, they have reached waffen ss adolf level and beyond, shame on them.
    Good news is that people are awake they wont get away with it this time.

    • trevor Taylor

      The problem is that there are two sets of bad guys and one group of good guys in Syria. Russia is attacking the good guys and one group of bad guys to prop up their puppet Assad. After years of people begging NObama to go in and help the good guys, only now the morons in DC are considering it.

      • Lone Ranger

        If you believe that the “moderate” rebels are the good guys you are sadly mistaken.
        There is no such thing as a moderate jihadist, never was, its the same fairy tail like moderate waffen ss nazis, they simply dont exist.
        The only good guys are the govt forces in Syria everybody fighting them is a terrorist.
        Do some research about these “modeRAT’s and what they are doing, raping and killing woman, children even babies, chopping heads off every man who is not one of them, they are al-cia-da, they do the same horrors as isis and differ only in name from them, they are a rebrand, like the taliban was a rebrand of the mujahedin later called al-cia-da, now fsa/al nusra/isis the list goes on.
        Google fsa isis alliance.
        Look up the cannibals whom eat the organs of executed Syrian govt soldiers, these are whom obongo and the “west” supports videos are up on youtube and liveleak.
        Assad is no angel but compared to these demons he is a boy scout, just like Gadaffi was, if Assad falls the same will happen like in Libya, where the jihadists have taken over and genocided the whole country and its ongoing eversince.
        Like it or not but Russia and the Syrian govt forces are the only hope for the local population to be saved and get their lives back.

        • trevor Taylor

          WRONG MORON!!! You are listing the atrocities of ISIS and accusing someone else of committing the IDIOT!! There are people in Syria who want FREEDOM! Not sharia and not the tyrant Assad.

          • Lone Ranger

            Sorry to wake you up but you are the one who have been brainwashed by clown news network and faux news.
            There is no such thing as moderate rebels, never were, they do the same horrors as isis, the only difference is in their name and outfit.
            Look up “fsa rape”, “fsa cannibals”, “fsa isis alliance”, a few search terms for google, youtube and liveleak.
            You cannot have a democracy in the middle east you either have secular dictators or rapist cannibal headchopping jihadists and most the people opt for the secular dictator.
            The U.S. nor any other country does not have the right to fund terrorists or to topple govts in foreign countries its against the U.S. Constitution and also against International Law.
            Look at Libya and Iraq, how did it work out?
            Hundreds of thousends have been killed in the most brutal way, and these jihadists demons have been funded, trained and armed by the U.S. govt, UK, France, Turkey, Qatar and the saudis, and still are.
            Its wakey wakey time.

          • trevor Taylor

            WRONG MORON!!

          • Lone Ranger

            You know its the Truth.

          • trevor Taylor


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