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US launches airstrikes in Syria

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Smoke rises in the Syrian town of Kobani after a US airstrikes targets ISIL terrorists there.

The United States and its so-called coalition partners have conducted at least three airstrikes in Syria and 11 in Iraq, the Pentagon says.

According to US military officials, the attacks targeted Daesh (ISIL) terrorists and were carried out on Monday, a day after Washington air-dropped tons of weapons to militants fighting inside Syria.

Four airstrikes near the Iraqi city of Ramadi pulverized six ISIL buildings, two command and control nodes and five fighting positions, the officials claimed. Other strikes hit targets near the cities of Mosul, Baiji, Sinjar and Tal Afar.

In Syria, fighter jets targeted crude oil collection points near the cities of Abu Kamal and Deir ez-Zor, they said. The third attack, near the town of Al-Hawl, destroyed two ISIL vehicles.

“Coalition forces conducted an airdrop Sunday in northern Syria to resupply local counter-ISIL ground forces as they conduct operations against ISIL,” US Central Command spokesman Colonel Patrick Ryder said in a statement on Monday, using an acronym for the Daesh terrorist group.

“The aircraft delivery included small arms ammunition to resupply counter-ISIL ground forces so that they can continue operations against ISIL,” he added.

A US official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told AFP the material included 50 tons of ammunition.

The airstrikes come nearly two weeks after Russia began its military campaign against terrorists fighting against the Syrian government. Russia has carried out scores of airstrikes against terrorists there, killing hundreds of them.

On Wednesday, Russia fired 26 long-range cruise missiles from its warships in the Caspian Sea against terrorists in Syria.

Unnamed US officials have told The Associated Press that Russia has directed parts of its military campaign against US-backed terrorists and other extremist groups in an effort to weaken them.

They say the CIA-trained militants are now under Russian missile strikes with little prospect of rescue by their American supporters.


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