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Trump Slams Merkel's "INSANE" Immigration Policy

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Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump Sunday criticised Germany’s commitment to take in millions of Muslim refugees and illegal immigrants this year, including some displaced from the ongoing civil war in Syria.

The US Republican presidential candidate has now cast his eye on Europe and labelled German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s immigration policy as ‘insane.’

“I do not like the migration. I do not like the people coming. Frankly, look, Europe’s going to have to handle it. But they’re going to have riots in Germany. What’s happening in Germany, I always thought [Angela] Merkel was, like, this great leader. What she’s done in Germany is insane. It’s insane.”

Merkel has insisted that her country is capable of handling the huge numbers of migrants flooding into Germany. Merkel is now also desperately screaming at the Eastern part of the EU to accept her decision to flood the EU by “sharing the burden” and taking migrants themselves.?

Trump however maintained his position, saying that the US should not take in the refugees warning that the migrants look to be mostly “strong men” who look like “prime-time soldiers” from the jihadist cause. “This could be the greatest Trojan horse. This could make the Trojan horse look like peanuts if these people turned out to be [Islamic State group fighters],” he said.

Trump also said he would likely support a no-fly zone over Syria, and blamed the refugee crisis, in part, on President Barack Obama for not using military force after it was learned that Syrian President Bashar Assad appeared to have used chemical weapons against the terrorists.

“Well, you know, the time to have done it would have been when he drew the line in the sand,” Trump said on CBS’s Face the Nation.

“I might have gone in. Yeah, I think it’s terrible. When you start using that, I think it’s terrible.”

In a National CBS poll out Sunday, Trump continues to hold his lead over fellow Republican Ben Carson, but by a similar smaller margin to other recent polls. CBS found 27 per cent support for Trump and 21 per cent support for Carson. Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas, came in third in the poll with 9 per cent support.

The CBS poll found that Carson was the top second choice among Trump supporters.

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3 Responses to " Trump Slams Merkel's "INSANE" Immigration Policy "

  1. Mavis Johnson says:

    That FOX poll was an outlier. The fact is that state by state Trump leads by double digits over any other candidate. The usual ratio between Trump vs Carson is 30’s for Trump, 17% for Carson. Carson is a solid SECOND PLACE to Trump always. He is a great guy but is not the front runner nor is he even in a statistical tie for front runner. He’s solidly 2nd place and solidly always trailing by double digits to Trump. State by state are the polls that matter.

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  2. Mavis Johnson says:

    Obama = enemy of America, working in cahoots with Merkel the enemy of Europe. Both enemies of Western civilization

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  3. Heil Hitler says:

    Religionspolizei im Besetzten Frankreich?

    Verhaften für Kritik an Juden? Frankreich legte Jean-Marie Le Pen im Gefängnis für den Islam zu kritisieren!

    Wer bombardiert Christlich-Orthodoxen Serben für die Muslimen?

    Jüdischen bankiers sind überschwemmung Europa mit Muslimen und Amerika mit Dritte-Welt-Papierkorb.

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