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Scientists find potential cancer cure in malaria

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Scientists may have found a way to cure cancer in humans.

Scientists say they might have made a breakthrough in fighting cancer, which could save millions suffering from the deadly disease.

Researchers from the University of Copenhagen (UCPH) and the University of British Columbia (UBC) have found that malaria protein can attack and fight cancer cells.

According to the research team, a malaria protein armed with a toxin might be able to destroy a wide range of cancer cells, from brain tumors to leukemia. Their tests showed that the protein was effective in 90 percent of the cases.

“By conducting tests on mice, we have been able to show that the combination of the protein and toxin kill the cancer cells,” said Mads Daugaard of the University of British Columbia in Canada.

Scientists hope that they can begin testing the discovery on humans over the next four years.

“We’re optimistic because the protein appears to only attach itself to a carbohydrate that is only found in the placenta and in cancer tumors in humans,” said Ali Salanti of the University of Copenhagen.

They are, however, concerned about whether the human body can tolerate the doses needed without developing side effects.


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