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Russian “Armageddon Strike” Looms As NATO Begins Massive Troop Moves

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The Ministry of Defense (MoD) is reporting today that the Federation Security Council (FSC) has authorized a “third tier” financial “Armageddon strike” against the West’s entire financial structure in response to the Obama regime led NATO launching today of its biggest single military exercise in more than 13 years involving some 36,000 troops in the Mediterranean Sea and simulating a war spanning from Sicily to Spain and Portugal.

The designation of this action by the FSC as a “third tier” event, it’s important to note, is one step below “fourth tier”, which should that level be reached would authorize President Putin to use nuclear weapons and forces to defend the Federation and its global interests.

Critical to note too, unlike the propaganda portrayal given to the Western peoples that President Putin is the sole decision maker for the Federation, that has no connection to reality, the FSC is the key institutional body in Russia’s government, coordinating and deciding policy.

The FSC’s decision in making this war move, this report says, is based on Federation fears/concerns that NATO forces will soon have to launch an invasion of Saudi Arabia to save that corrupt Sunni theocracy from total collapse as coup fears, war and chaos envelope this oil rich kingdom.

Vital to note too, this report continues, are the Western peoples still not being told by their governments what the “truest essence” of this current Middle Eastern crisis is all about—and which is quickly explained by understanding that of the total global Muslim population, 10–13 percent are Shiite Muslims and 87–90 percent are Sunni Muslims.

Unfortunately for the West, however, this report continues, is that they have supported for decades the barbaric Sunni Muslims headed by Saudi Arabia, while at the same time supporting genocidal wars against the Shiites. And while the Shiites are the vast majority of Muslims in the world, in the Middle East they comprise nearly 37 percent of the population.

Even more unfortunately for the West, this report notes, are that these Shiites in the Middle East control nearly all of the oil in this region, which amounts to about 70 percent of the world’s total—and should a Shiite “Superstate” form comprising Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, the worst fears of the Obama regime and its allies would be realized.

With it now being reported that Russia’s success in the Middle East defending the Shiites, and the highly positive global attention it has attracted, has left a traumatic effect on America’s political and military elites, this report says, FSC member Sergey Glazyev’s planned financial “Armageddon strike” against the Obama regime and West would amount to what is being called a “strategic default”, and which, perhaps, is best summarized by the experts at the ZeroHedge.com global financial website who state about it:

“What Glazyev proposes, essentially, is that Moscow must gain total control of its Central Bank, preventing speculators to move their credit around for non-productive purposes; Moscow should also establish currency controls; and must create a central organization of technological research to replace the loss of Western technology, imitating the US methodology of rolling out from its centralized military research those technologies that can be commercialized for the consumer market.

The fact is Russia has lost access to Western credit and cannot roll over its debt with the creditors. So Russia will have to pay the principle and the interest as it comes due. That is a trillion dollars plus interest. Russia also cannot import anything from the West without paying double for it. So arguably the country may be now in the very position it will be if Moscow opts for default. Thus, Russia would have nothing to lose by a default – as the damage is already done.

Essentially, once again, a Russian default on a $1 trillion-plus debt to private Western parties remains a possible scenario discussed at the highest level – assuming Washington will persist in its anti-Russia demonization campaign.

It’s clear the squeeze Russia is feeling has less to do with sanctions than the grip maintained by Western financial powers over the Russian Central Bank. The Russian Central Bank did create a debt trap by maintaining high interest rates in Russia while the West was lending at low interest rates.

Needless to add, such a default, if it ever happened, would collapse the entire Western financial system.”

To if the American and European peoples will awaken before their monstrous leaders plunge them into economic chaos and global war, this report grimly states, appears unlikely as the Nazification of the United States is said now to be pretty much complete, and the global elite have never been closer to their goal of a united world.

In fact, this report warns, in the past 30 days alone, the world has seen some of the biggest steps ever made toward achieving this one world government—the largest one world economy and a one world religion that history has ever witnessed, and every major crisis will be used as an excuse to advance this agenda.

And to whom does a weary world look to stop this madness? You decide…

President Putin is back in the Kremlin after his meeting with Obama in New York, a current joke in Russia says, and he tells an aide he invited Obama for a game of chess. And then he tells it how it works: “It’s like playing with a pigeon. First it knocks over all the pieces, then it shits on the board and finally struts around like it won.”


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