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Russia and NATO ready for confrontation

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On October 21, NATO’s Trident Juncture large-scale military exercises have entered their active phase. In turn, Russia is holding large-scale combat shooting drills in the south of the country.

There are 36,000 troops taking part in the NATO drills in the Mediterranean region. The active phase of the NATO drills will take place from October 21 till November 6.

More than 30 member countries of the alliance, as well as their partners will participate: 140 combat aircraft and 60 warships will be involved in the drills. The exercises will test NATO’s rapid deployment forces and the new joint task group. The latter is a part of the grand plan “of action to prepare for war.”

Meanwhile, Russia is conducting large-scale combat shooting exercises with the participation of over 2,000 troops, T-90 tanks, Grad multiple rocket launchers – more than 300 pieces of equipment in total. Reportedly, the command of the Russian Army was left satisfied with the results of the drills.


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