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Romanian Prophet Who You Never Heard Of Prophesied 9/11, WW3

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Recently one of our readers who wishes to remain anonymous, has informed us about something which everyone from anywhere in the world should find interesting. It’s about a man who was in direct contact with God, a real prophet of our final times who only a handful of people even heard about. His name was Arsenie Boca and he was a Christian Orthodox monk who lived in Romania.

He was born on September 29th, 1910 in Vata de Sus, Hunedoara County, Romania and among many things, he prophesied his own date of death. Years before the actual revolution against communism which took down the Iron Curtain, Arsenie Boca said that he will die at about 3 weeks before the revolution and that’s exactly what happened. On the same day he also prophesied the fall of communism in Europe and that Romania will be the only country in Europe which will violently overthrow its communist government, saying that “other countries will switch to capitalism peacefully, just like one changes its shirt with a different one, while Romania will be the only country in Europe that will make the transition to capitalism through bloodshed, and many will die”, and that’s exactly how it happened.

Related to the communist revolution he said: “This guy will die on Christmas day!” When he was asked “Which guy?” He replied “This guy that you say God is not getting you rid of.” Then he was silently asked “Ceausescu, father?” Arsenie Boca said: “Yes! This guy and I too will die at about 3 weeks before him.” The quote goes on with him saying “I will die of poisoning plot which I will not attempt to stop because by then my spiritual mission here on Earth would be over by then anyway”.

It is rumored that Ceausescu was concerned with his power and that he secretly paid a visit to father Arsenie, asking him what he thinks about his rulership. Arsenie Boca warned Ceausescu that if he continues to tyrannically rule Romania, he will surely die in a violent way. Angered by what he was told, the dictator left, threatening Arsenie Boca. A few days later, Father Arsenie died of poisoning on November 28, 1989, at about 3 weeks before Ceausescu’s own death, just like he prophesied and he was buried on December 4, 1989 at the Prislop Monastery.

On Christmas day of 1989, Romanians overthrown their communist government by executing the dictator Ceausescu family just as the prophet said. The military also opened fire on protesters, resulting in a total of 1104 people killed and 3352 injured.

Arsenie Boca said that after the revolution, “Many will leave Romania and migrate to foreign countries but few of them will ever return. However, the time will come when all of them will want to return but no one will be able to because Romania will be surrounded by fire.” The prophecy goes on with Father Arsenie warning that “In one day, Romania will be occupied by 3 foreign countries, Hungary, Bulgaria and Russia. A rain of fire will fall over those who occupied us. Bucharest will become the second Jerusalem.” What he meant was that Bucharest will be wiped just like Jerusalem and no stone will be left on top of other stone, but the prophet goes on comforting those who are panicked saying that Virgin Mary herself will be on her knees praying to God for Romania’s forgiveness. More than 4.18 million Romanians are currently living abroad, despite Romania’s tiny 19.94 million population, most of whom live in Italy and Spain and left shortly after the revolution took place.

Father Arsenia Boca said that we are living in the final times and that Romania’s capital city, Bucharest will be wiped off the face of the planet by fire. Considering that Romania is now a NATO member and one of the most aggressive towards Russia, its not so impossible for Bucharest to become a target for Russian nukes in the upcoming World War 3. Father Arsenie warned that “shortly after Bucharest is wiped, Romania will be invaded by Russia”.

To make this even more shocking and to prove that he was a real prophet, Father Arsenie prayed for the salvation of Americans saying to God: “God please do not punish the Americans, please forgive them and have mercy on them, they too are your creation.” but God took his spirit to America and he was shown how America really is, after that Father Arsenie said “Yes God, they are worthy of destruction!”. Shortly after this, he painted what he was shown at the Draganescu church, New York City’s skyline with World Trade Center on fire, thus he prophesied the terrorist events of 9/11.

Among many other things related to America, Father Arsenie also prophesied the disaster of Apollo 13 mission, the invention of the cell phones and even space shuttles, which were all painted with dozens of years before they happened.

One of his greatest miracles was that while he was incarcerated in a communist prison simply for being a Christian (Christianity was outlawed in communist countries) his mother died. He asked the prison warden for permission to go to his mother’s funeral but they wouldn’t let him. Despite of that, everyone who attended his mother’s funeral declared that they have seen Father Arsenie Boca at his mother’s funeral. Other prison inmates and guards said that it was impossible because he was in prison the whole time. Father Arsenie Boca was thus in two different places at the same time.

Arsenie Boca also warned that in the final days, religions will become more and more interested in ecumenism (union). He said that this would be one of the greatest heresies of all times and quite interestingly, Pope Francis, who many firmly believe he is the Antichrist in person, including the Irish prophet Malachy who prophesied this 1000 years ago, is now taking unprecedented steps to unite all the religions of our world into a one single religion.

Father Arsenie Boca prophesied the end of communism but he also warned of what will come next: “The red scum, the hammer and sickle, the five-pointed star will disappear, but after that the six-pointed star will come and there will be anarchy”, referring to a future Jewish rule over the world, since the hexagram known as “Star of David” is used only by them and the state of Israel. He also said that the Devil is working on corrupting people and destroying the world since the ancient times and his primary goal is to control and dominate the entire world. He goes on saying “the world will focus on Romania for a short period of time because there will be changes and specific signs in this country which are outside of material understanding”.

Father Arsenie Boca was a strong opponent of communism and in 1945 and 1948 he was arrested for aiding anti-communist fighters in the Carpathian Mountains. In 1945-1946 Father Arsenie warned that there will be times when everything will be so bad, that “Everything will be corrupted, at work, in shops, state institutions and especially the politics. Corruption and immorality will work its way even inside the church, tainting priests and the heads of church. Churches will be destroyed by communists but new ones will be built and others will be repaired after communism ends, yet people will loose faith and all those churches will all be empty. There will be chaos, people’s homes will be destroyed, people will step upon people, people will eat human flesh and drink human blood but I and my generation will not be alive to see these things.”

He advised Christians that in the final times, its your duty to save and guide astray people to a correct path, advising “Your neighbor drinks alcohol in bars, your cousin ran away unmarried, your son is running away from church, your children are partying every night and spit after priests! Don’t you have anyone to bring to Jesus? Maybe you can bring yourself.”

One woman said to Father Arsenie “Almost every food is poisoned these days”, referring to chemicals which are added in foods. Father Arsenie replied “Do the Holy Cross sign on everything that you eat and drink: water, tea, coffee, cookies, fruits, bread and any type of food. Even if they were poisoned, the sign of the Holy Cross cancels everything which is poisoned.”

Father Arsenie also had the gift of knowing everything about people who visited him, their names, their sins and everything about them before they even started talking. Furthermore he had health remedies given to him by God so take note of the following remedies which are basically coming directly from God:

Bile Gallstone – “Avoid surgeries, do what I tell you! Make a tea out of hart’s-tongue with orange peel but with no sugar. Replace water with this for 2-3 months and then go to the doctor and see how you’re doing.” This tea will completely destroy your bile gallstones and turn them into sand which will then be naturally eliminated out of your body.

Hair Loss – “Your hair needs to feed, feed it with egg yolk mixed with castor oil,” keep the mix for a few minutes on your hair then, “wash it with apple cider vinegar”.

Lung Problems – “Mix horseradish with honey and leave it like that for a day or two somewhere hot, then consume it.”

His last miracle was that just before his death, Father Arsenie Boca chose his grave at the Prislop Monastery, but the nuns told him that even though the place is extraordinary, there is no well or any water source nearby. He then told them “water will come soon”. Shortly after that, a spring popped out of the blue only 2-3 meters from his grave. Shortly after that happened, Father Arsenie Boca died.

In closing, it should be known to everybody that Father Arsenie Boca said loud and clear that he is against idolatry and that no one should transform him into an idol of worship. He said that he is only a messenger of God and Jesus Christ, a messenger to guide us in our final apocalyptic times which we are currently living in right now.

Recently his icon located at the Prislop Monastery was seen crying, photographed and video taped by thousands of Romanians.

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