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Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey may start WWIII

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If Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia step into the Syrian conflict on the side of the Islamic State, this may trigger Third World War.

Earlier, Qatari Foreign Affairs Minister, Khalid al-Attiyah, stated that his country could decide to start intervention in Syria. Qatar actively supports the militants opposing Syrian President Assad. It goes about such groups such Jabhat an Nusra, the Islamic State, Al Qaeda and Taliban.

Representatives of Turkey and Saudi Arabia have also expressed an intention to get involved in the Syrian conflict. The Russian, Syrian and Iranian military have made considerable progress in the struggle against the Islamic State. As a result of the operation, five towns in the south-western suburbs of Aleppo have been liberated so far. The goal of the coalition is to remove terrorists from the cities of Aleppo, Hama and Latakia province. In this case, the chain, through which the Islamic State receives supplies via the Turkish border, will be broken.

However, should Riyadh, Doha and Ankara provide military support to the Islamic State, the war may last a lot longer. Therefore, it is vital for the Russian Federation to use diplomatic channels to try to convince these countries to stop supporting the Islamic State, military analyst, Lt. Gen. Yuri Netkachev believes.


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3 Responses to " Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey may start WWIII "

  1. Rey Gonzales says:

    Russia is doing a great job, all the right things. These contries that support the rebels in Syria are the terrorists and will be defeated.

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  2. SGTSTEDANKO1 says:

    Negative, let them enter the fray that way Russia can wipe them out .

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  3. nick1111 says:

    It I a hot time to drop a few missiles on Saudi oil felds

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