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Pentagon Ready to Build a $550 Million 'Bomber So Good It Will Never Be Used'

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The US Defense Department seems to be increasingly worried that its existing fleet of strategic bombers is vulnerable to the newest Chinese and Russian-made air defenses. With that in mind, Air Force chiefs are now demanding new ‘trophy’ bombers with the latest weaponry, the mere presence of which would ‘give pause to US enemies.’

“The US Air Force wants up to 100 new bombers armed with all the latest weaponry and radar-evading stealth technology, able to fly long distances, penetrate even the heaviest defenses and destroy scores of targets in a single bombing run,” military analyst David Axe wrote in his article for Reuters.

The expert however noted one small peculiarity in all the above: the air force has no intention of actually putting the jets into active service, as their “mere presence…should give pause to US enemies.”

“This would buy time so diplomats could negotiate to work out major conflicts without anyone resorting to violence,” David Axe says.

The concept of “conventional deterrence” turns out quite costly, even though the Pentagon has played down the costs.

Each of the up to 100 new bombers would cost in the region of $550 million, or $800 million when the cost of research and development is included.

“The potentially $80-billion Long-Range Strike Program is a big deal, particularly for the Air Force,” the expert says.

The Air Force is aiming to deploy the new bombers to US airbases by the mid-2020s.


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3 Responses to " Pentagon Ready to Build a $550 Million 'Bomber So Good It Will Never Be Used' "

  1. skreamer says:

    This is bullshit!…its just so they can put some more cool stuff into their underground bases!
    They gotta come up with huge bullshit to rip of that much money from the slaves just so the elite can have better!
    Keep working slaves!…one day you might have something!

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  2. Lone Ranger says:

    That means it will cost around 2-3billion with a B per plane, aside from that the tech to avoid the newest Russian radar systems and the S-400 simply does not exist, to develop them it would take at least around 15-20 years aside from that Russians are fielding their S-500’s next year wich will have ASAT capebilties as well. So by the time it will enter service it will be already obsolete the same way it happened with the craptor and the flop-35.
    These super expensive hangar queens are only good to drain the taxpayers and feed the military industrial complex, buying weapons that not only wont ever be used but would fail when most needed.

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    • Frank C says:

      Yeah, sad isn’t it! A hellava expensive joke.

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