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New World Order No Longer Exists Says Russian Foreign Minister

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The unipolar world order has ceased to exist now that powerful new centers of economic growth are emerging in Asia and Latin America, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in an interview on Thursday.

“Old habits die hard. Parting with one’s sense of global dominion is not easy and this process is going to be long and painful, but I’m sure that in the long haul we’ll agree on the need to redistribute our responsibilities from conflict resolution to economics to finance and trade,” Lavrov said on Venezuelan state television.

He also underscored the need to end the longtime practice of using one country’s laws on the territory of another.

All this should be done strictly in line with the UN Charter and without undermining the authority of the UN Security Council, Lavrov added.

“We are against any quick fixes here… All these problems should be tackled having fully in mind the hard fact that global politics, economics and finances are no longer directed by a single center, that there are new powerful centers of economic and financial growth now emerging in Asia and Latin America adding political clout to these new economic powerhouses,” Lavrov noted.

Russia wants to enshrine the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states in an international declaration.

“This is a fundamental principle of the UN Charter which, unfortunately, is often violated,” Sergei Lavrov said.

He also called for a redistribution of votes and quotas, including in the International Monetary Fund “we all agreed about ten years ago.

Sergei Lavrov warned against the principle of the so-called “legal extraterritoriality” when unilateral sanctions are imposed in circumvention of the UN Security Council and are aimed at undermining a country’s economic and social stability.

“Economic ties, trade, technological exchanges all this holds the key to development while one-sided sanctions thwart the countries’ pursuit of a better life,” Sergei Lavrov said in conclusion.


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  • dixi3150

    I think the Russians are going to win this chess game. Hopefully we will then have a world living in relative peace. USA must also stop their crap and get on board! The Jews, I’m afraid, should JUST STFU!!!!

    • Yvonne Donaldson

      If the warring isn’t solved than it will be an outright World War led against Russia by the USA, Britain and Israel. Neither of these countries can be trusted because their beliefs are all built on lies. They are Zionists, Illuminati, Pedophiles, Baby sacrificial, murderers. Assassins and Satanic Worshippers. They work in high positions in their governments.

      • Sam

        You left out the Chinese. I don’t think the Chinese are ignorant and stupid to have the Vatican run their show, like the fools in the U. S. corporation and the British Queen’s circus does. As for Israel, well, the Jews need to get rid of the Zionists and those inbred Khazars. It’s time to rid ourselves of the Banks, and that is what Putin intends to do.

        • skreamer

          Putin, Obama..they all work for the same dark shadow.
          Its all just a show to control your thoughts!
          To try to bring about WW3 population control then enslave those who are left!
          No more new world order!….thats just outright bullshit!
          When we kill all the royal families and the 13 controlling families………….then there well no new world order!
          They tell people there Jewish…….but there all satanists!
          if the Russian Foreign Minister says that……..then hes just one of them……obviously!
          Satanists lie…its what they do! and there always in a position of power!

    • Sam

      It’s the Khazars and Zionists. They aren’t Jews. They pretend to be. Therein lies the culprit. The first step is to educate. The next step is to eradicate the fiat currency money system that has and is controlling and running the whole show.

  • Gabriel

    Putin played it nicely until the moment he committed troops to the mid east, he should have learned from the Americans hurt and 4 TRILLION dollars spent there that the mid east is where empires go to die and Russia will soon follow in the footsteps of the united states.

    Obama isn’t a wimp for not wanting to stand up to Russia, he just knows the united states treasury is flat broke and the only people who don’t know it are it’s citizens.

    • HarpDiem

      Believe me Barry Soetoro is a spineless wimp.

    • launchme52

      Treasury? You mean the Federal reserve which is neither Federal nor has any reserves is flat broke. Yes that is the reason for capitulation and WW#3 couldnt be won, and if they lost heads would be on the hanging gallows.

      • Sam

        Ah, finally. One who is among the awakened ones and knowledgeable of the facts and truth.

    • Guy New

      I am from the USA and i pray puttin comes here and removes our crooked politicians too

      • Yvonne Donaldson

        Absolutely! But PUTIN will not interfere in another countries political status. In Syria he is protecting Assad, from the Terrorists unlike Obama who train Syrians and arm them, then once they have arms they join ISIS to kill their own people
        or die.

        • T. Collins

          Which is exactly what the closeted Moslem in the White House had planned all along.

    • Guy New

      I am from the USA and i pray puttin comes here and removes our crooked politicians too

    • Yvonne Donaldson

      Absolutely right on the mark. USA citizens have lived on the lies of their so called Politicians. I would rather have the honesty and harshness of Russia than America. PUTIN is Loved by Citizens of the world because he believes countries should be governed by the people of their own country. Obama
      would like to dominate all countries under ‘ONE RULE’. SORRY, NOT!

      • gene

        You’re half right. We Americans chafe under the lies of the Obama administration. On the rest, we agree.

        • Sam

          What’s this “We” stuff ? You got a mouse in your pocket ?

      • Sam

        Barry is just an ignorant puppet that does as instructed by his masters.

    • gene

      You have exactly opposite. Obama continues to spend money we don’t have. He has increased spending on domestic programs by 500%. Another $3000.000.000.000 national debt projection for the next two years. we, the American people know were broke, it’s Obama demands increasing expenditures. This administration recently spent $500,000,000 to train Syrians to fight ISIS, the total number of troops trained???? Not 5000, not 500, not 50, but just 5.

      • Sam

        Barry Soetoro does not spend any money. The corporation which is owned and run by the Federal Reserve is what borrows fiat currency and uses it as an medium of exchange to supply the resources for the CIA to hire the goons. There is no debt owed to the Banks. It’s a fraud. We are not broke. We have our true value, and that is our labor and productivity.

    • Sam

      Do yourself a favor, and erase any indoctrinated teachings you acquired previously. Starting from elementary school.

  • G. H. Schorel-Hlavka

    Our constitution prevents traitors in the Government to sign on to Agenda 21 – NWO
    and enforce it.

    The document can be downloaded from:


    • Sam

      There is no “Government”. The corporation known as the UNITED STATES, posing as a Government, does not recognize the original Constitution for the united States. That’s why Barry writes executive orders that directly violate our Rights and the Constitution “of” the United States, while being employed by the corporation as, “PRESIDENT”.

  • Sam

    Let’s make this real simple. The old inbred psychopath Rothschild and his banks have paid the ignorant idiots in the corporation known as the UNITED STATES, along with the other ignorant psychopaths in every other country, to send in paid mercenaries and other sick and twisted ignorant fools to countries that did or do not have a central bank owned and operated by old man Rothschild. They first begin an opposition to the government and it’s president or other leader, organize some ignorant idiots to follow through with armed revolt, and then move on to blown civil war. After that, the utterly ignorant psychopaths in places such as the U. S., Britain, and other countries get paid by the same banks to send in their armies to outright kill anyone who is determined to stop the invasion. The armies invade, destroy the countries military, kill or un Lawfully imprison it’s leader, steal the gold or other precious metals and artifacts and valuables, and then guard the central Banks’ new puppet to sit on the throne. They set up a new world Bank, take control over the economy, resources and just about every other aspect of the people’s lives. The invading armies keep a number of troops there to insure all is going exactly as planned. The psychopaths running the whole insane circus are the ones who instigate all of this sick crap, and all for money, profit and control which they are utterly to ignorant and therefore stupid to realize that they can not take it with them when they go to face the Almighty for Judgment. Of course they are psychopaths, and worship Satan, so that just adds to the incredible lack of intelligence and foresight that is so easy to comprehend for most intelligent beings.
    They can word it or twist it anyway they want, but the fact of the matter is that ole Putin and the Russians do not intend to let another country fall to the Banks and their psychopath ring leaders. Comprehend this simplicity, and you will have acquired the knowledge that evades so many fluoridated, indoctrinated, dumbed down or simply ignorant minds. I feel as though I am constantly having to explain things to a bunch of physical full grown adults with the minds of children. Just like Vladimir Putin does when he’s explaining to the other so called leaders, politicians and the ignorant masses, what they should already have the critica thinking ability to ascertain.

  • david todd

    sam, along with what you said theres another element present, the usa is also working with evil off earth forces to destroy this planets ecosystem if we dont do it thru war! nevertheless i feel forces of good can prevail, how i dont know.

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