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NATO To Send Troops To Protect ISIS From Russia

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Deployment will effectively provide military support for ISIS and al-Nusra.

NATO boss Jens Stoltenberg said during a meeting of defense ministers in Brussels on Thursday the alliance is prepared to send ground troops to protect Turkey’s border with Syria.

“Nato is ready and able to defend all allies, including Turkey against any threats,” Stoltenberg said.

The move is in response to a claim by Turkey a Russian warplane violated its airspace last week.

Ankara scrambled two F-16s to intercept the Russian aircraft and summoned the Russian ambassador in protest.

According to McClatchy, however, the Russian jet did not violate Turkish airspace:

A Turkish security official said Turkish radar locked onto the Russian aircraft as it was bombing early Friday in al Yamdiyyah, a Syrian village directly on the Turkish border. He said Turkish fighter jets would have attacked had it crossed into Turkish airspace.

But a U.S. military official suggested the incident had come close to sparking an armed confrontation. Reading from a report, he said the Russian aircraft had violated Turkish air space by five miles and that Turkish jets had scrambled, but that the Russian aircraft had returned to Syrian airspace before they could respond.

McClatchy also notes Turkey has moved its border:

Turkey has maintained a buffer zone five miles inside Syria since June 2012, when a Syrian air defense missile shot down a Turkish fighter plane that had strayed into Syrian airspace. Under revised rules of engagement put in effect then, the Turkish air force would evaluate any target coming within five miles of the Turkish border as an enemy and act accordingly.

The so-called “buffer zone” — allegedly established to protect refugees and stage military operations aimed at ISIS — is a de facto no-fly zone used to protect jihadist fighters entering the country from Turkey.

More Evidence of Turkish Collusion with ISIS

Earlier this week a leaked German intelligence document confirmed reports that Turkey is directly assisting Harakat Ahrar ash-Sham al-Islamiyya, a coalition of Islamist and Salafist units that have vowed to establish a Sunni Wahhabist state under Sharia law in Syria.

Ahrar ash-Sham is aligned with al-Nusra which has pledged allegiance to the Islamic State.

The Russians understand that Ahrar ash-Sham — currently the most powerful and effective jihadist group fighting in Syria — must be targeted if it hopes to turn back the effort to unseat Bashar al-Assad.

If NATO follows through on its promise to “defend all allies” by inserting troops in Turkey’s illegal “safe zone,” it will be effectively aiding and abetting the Islamic State.

In May declassified US Defense Intelligence Agency documents from 2012 revealed the United States and its partners in the Gulf states and Turkey supported the Islamic State and plan to establish a Salafist principality in Syria.


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  • nick1111

    Fucken Salafist in the WH

    • Heil Hitler

      Слава Богу – победа Православним Хришћанима!
      (Glory to God – victory to the Orthodox Christians!)

    • olgagonzalezchavez

      Absolutely and the ENTIRE GOP and every other GOV entity is complicit in this treason, this mess will be solved by the BULLET NOT THE BALLOT .

  • Heil Hitler

    НАТО – это организация военных преступников.

  • César del Río

    Nato supporting terrorism, its all Obamas muslim agenda

    • Heil Hitler

      НАТО – это организация военных преступников.

      • Wayne Roger Morra

        The sooner Obuma is out of office the better but the jooz plan has always been to follow him up with yet another Zionist robot. I had thought it would be Hillary Clinton the joo lover or maybe Cruz to play the gender/race card to the max but surprise ! They pulled out all the stops with Bernie the Zionist joo Sanders. to play the ultimate card of anti versus pro joo in the America political scene. So there will be no respite from the games jooz play. Israel must be isolated and alienated from American politics or neither Americans nor any of the Middle East will be free of Israel’s aggression.

        • Heil Hitler

          сатанизм является еврейский культ.

    • Ellie M F

      Exactly Obama’s Plan is to conquer the World and take over our Country with Islam and change it to all Muslim and Sharia Law and no one is stopping this crazy madman. Congress and our Government just let him go on and on to destroy our Country.
      Obama uses threats to people to get his way. He needs to be taken down and removed from Office Now to save our Country and stop his craziness.
      Why should we be at the hands of Obama. Its our lives and Country at stake.

  • Люда Буланова

    НАТО преступная организация, развязывающая войны, которая убивает детей, стариков и женщин, что она делала в Сербии 1999 год, простых бедных людей крестьян убивала, всю инфраструктуру разрушила и урановых бомб набросала, где от них люди болеют раком, судить НАТО надо .

    • Mabelle Vonk

      NATO means North Atlantic TERRORIST Organization. But they’re on South Atlantic as well.

      • Frank C

        That would be funny, if it weren’t true.

        • Ellie M F

          Most of the time it is true. Something stupid like this?

  • Mary Hughes

    information on video going round by american living nearby. young middle eastern muslims of fighting age. no women no children. coming via mexico going to oklahoma and kansas. 80 men to a bus . 45 buses a day. total 111,600 up to now. where else is this happening in america? whats muslim obarmys hidden agenda?????

    • Ellie M F

      Obama Plan is to take over our Country with Islam to make it all Muslim and Sharia Law.
      Obama will be the cause of WWIII.
      They want to protect ISIS now from Russia? Someone has completely gone out of their minds.
      Turkey was helping ISIS by taking in the wounded ISIS and supplying food to ISIS .
      Obama is hatred and jealous. Does he not think that Russia will not fight those Americans sent there to protect ISIS.
      Why would we be protecting ISIS. They are our threat here too as well as Iran.
      Obama should keep his nose out of Countries it doesn’t belong in because he does not know what he is doing and doesn’t care how many people die. He wants Assad out of the way for the Pipeline

  • derpa

    How does Asad holding out for 5 years give him the moral high ground? He had peaceful protesters shot in the street which started this whole thing.

    • joe mcivor

      The war didn’t start with peaceful protesters shot in the street – that’s a lie . The first people to be shot were 7 unarmed Syrian policemen and five protesters -all of them shot from roof tops by unknown snipers in order to provoke civil war in Syria . Assad holding out for 5 years against al Qaida and ISIS certainly gives him the moral high ground .

      • Frank C

        Yes, derpa, if you want to assign a root cause, you must go back further. And yes jOE, I believe that Assad committed atrocities as have all participants, so there really is NO moral high ground, certainly not the US supported FSA / ISIS/ISIL.

        • joe mcivor

          Well thankfully Assad doesn’t need any sort of high ground now that he has air support from Russia.Let’s be clear : you and the USUK ” humanitarian” alliance you shill for created ISIS . Now you want the world to equate your savagery with the just ferocity of a president who is defending his precious secular nation from your cohorts . Cannibals, cut throats and crucifiers talking about “moral high ground” . Are you from the UN Human Rights Council by any chance, Frank C?

      • Richards

        Tell that to derpa.

    • Richards

      Where’s your proof and Evidence to support this.

    • Christopher T. Arata

      Not exactly Mensa material, are you, derpa?

  • Mabelle Vonk

    Another INFOWARS source. No comment!

    • Tim St John

      LOL. No comment because YOU can’t think for yourself.

  • superpam1979 .

    Who doubts now that ISIS was created by and is supported by the U.S. and Israel? The puzzle is all in place now. We all want to take over Syria to get our pipeline for starters.

    • henry hall

      So true. The truth is getting out now that Putin has intervened.

    • Tim St John

      Precisely, yet the sheep BLEAT in all their idiocy.

  • Emad Intifada

    Protect ISIS you mother fuckers.
    But the Palestinian kids being killed by israel doesn’t matter.

  • henry hall

    I thought that we found a solution to the problem. But it seems that N.A.T.O and the Allies want war.

  • Marta Znebejanek

    on the lot of you NATO ,, your name is getting as bad as Obama’s for
    Treason and aiding and abetting Terrorism .. Putin is doing a
    brilliant job .. so back off .. Most of the world is backing Putin as
    he obviously places people before Warmongers .. unlike

  • Jurg Bangerter

    Muslim Obama is doing Jihad using USA and NATO forces, Muslim Turkey is trying to get another Ottoman empire going…so again Christian nations are helping Muslims to massacre Christians in Middle East

  • Keith

    It’s a good thing that I readily follow actual events in Syria or I’d easily be fooled by the gross misinformation included with the small snippets of truth in this article.

  • Tim St John
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