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Italian saves Niece from Getting raped by Migrant then gets Arrested

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A foreigner, originally from Senegal, molested a 13-year-old girl on Tuesday afternoon while she was waiting at the bus stop. The incident took place close to the Bar Primavera in the coastal area. The girl was waiting for the bus and the Senegalese approached her, starting to talk to her. The girl tried to push him away but the man grabbed her violently by the arm and tried to pull her away. The Bar Primavera was just opposite the bus stop; the girl’s paternal uncle was inside, where he saw what was happening through the window and ran out to defend his niece.

The uncle was accompanied by a friend, as yet unidentified, who joined him in helping the little one. The two of them crossed the street and, according to witnesses, did not say anything but started to strike the African migrant. Punches and kicks until the foreigner collapsed, then continuing with kicks to the genitals.

The uncle accompanied the girl to the bar where he tried to calm her down with help from the bar’s owner, offering her something to drink and in the meantime he saw that the Senegalese lying on the ground had called the police, reporting the incident.

When the Carabinieri reached the scene, they transported the African to hospital under arrest and, after having collected testimony and proof related to the case, arrested the girl’s uncle, taking him to the station. After 4 hours the man was released with a charge of willful personal injury that does not require prior incarceration.


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3 Responses to " Italian saves Niece from Getting raped by Migrant then gets Arrested "

  1. TJ says:

    Should have killed the crud.

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    • Lone Ranger says:

      Wanted to say the same than I read your comment,lol.
      Indeed Europeans should man the fuck up, plaiyng games with rapist is over!

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  2. M4 says:

    this world is become one big poof…..hopefully this guy get abused in jail ase raped by men for his actions…..

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