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Israelis and Germans arrange to make Special Economic Zones for Migrants in Greece

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The Greek Newspaper “ΕΜΠΡΟΣ” or “Forward” recently reported of new “States Within a State” in an article by G. Frangou.

Not long ago there was a meeting between a Greek University Professor named Tziampiris and the president of Piraeus Bank, Michalis Sallas. They essentially discussed the takeover of Greek agricultural areas, these are places that had owners who are behind on loans to the agricultural bank.

In simple terms, the article states that after this meeting was over, Tziampiris went directly to the home of the Israeli Ambassador in Greece Irit Ben-Aba to report on the progress of the meeting.

The plan is to eventually open up “Special Economic Zones” in agricultural areas. They will do this by pushing Greek farmers out of these areas due to foreclosure from the Greek state. The state will then sell these areas to it’s “European Partners” who will then have, German, Dutch, Israeli, and Belgian companies open up farming operations using cheap illegal immigrant labor.

These immigrants will be legalized and possibly even get Greek citizenship, but unlike Greek citizens they will not be taxed heavily for working in these zones, and the companies that operate on this land will be exempt from the taxes that Greek farmers are subjected to. Under the current SYRIZA “Radical Leftist” government, taxes on Greek farmers will now triple. People had been asking the logical question “How can the Greek farmers operate with three times the taxes when they are already struggling?”. You now have your answer, the goal was to put them out of business in the first place to prevent any national self sufficiency.

The deal is that foreign companies shall be given Greek land to open up factories or agriculture outside of their own country, and have special provisions to operate with minimal taxes and labor costs. These German, Israeli and Dutch companies will be exempt from the very same taxes and austerity measures they say the Greek people must have to “restore economic stability”.

This means Greek citizens will have to choose between unemployment, or leaving Greece altogether in search of work. We are entering a new phase in Greece where the politicians do not even pretend anymore to look after Greek interests, rather they openly and brazenly take orders from New York and Tel Aviv.


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One Response to " Israelis and Germans arrange to make Special Economic Zones for Migrants in Greece "

  1. skreamer says:

    we have special economic zones in Australia for illegal immigrants…..”Christmas island”
    We could open another at Maralinga.
    Although the best zone for these people is the country they came from.
    If you cant get it right in your own country…please dont come here and fuck our place!
    You cant make things better by running away. Wherever sandmonkey muslims go, white people leave because of rape, violence, smell and house prices going down!
    If our leaders are doing this…then its time we killed our leaders!
    This is the most traitorous thing anyone could do!
    The destruction of our own country from within!
    The solution is kill the 13 controlling families and all of the illuminati.

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