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Ben Carson Turns Warmonger, Says "US Should Fight Russia Everywhere"

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The United States should actively counter Russian interests wherever it can, US Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson said on Friday.

Carson added that the United States needs to re-establish the missile defense system in Eastern Europe.

“We need to fight them everywhere,” Carson said when asked how he would address Russia if he became president of the United States.

“We need to be supplying arms to Ukraine,” he added.

Carson is currently in second place among Republicans in recent national polls, trailing businessman Donald Trump. He is a neurosurgeon who has never run for political office just like Donald Trump.

Many of his supporters have criticized Carson’s new stance against Russia, some of whom switched sides to Donald Trump which is more moderate when it comes to foreign policies and promised to have good relations with Russia, with Trump recently praising Putin’s war on ISIS in Syria and Crimea inviting Trump to visit the peninsula after he is elected US president.

Critics argue Carson’s anti-Russia stance now falls in line with the typical warmongering mainstream politicians on both sides (Republicans and Democrats), leaving only a tiny difference between doctor Carson and and the rest of the politicians, while having only Donald Trump now which is truly different to everybody else.

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