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Angry Putin Authorizes Shootdown Of US Planes Over Syria

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The Ministry of Defense (MoD) is reporting today that President Putin has authorized the immediate deployment to the Levant War Zone (Syria) of at least 30 additional Aerospace Forces air-to-air Sukhoi Su-30 fighter jets that have proven capable of defeating their most sophisticated counterparts used by the US Air Force.

The mission of these Sukhoi Su-30 fighter jets, this report explains, is to “deter/target/destroy” Obama regime forces aircraft that have illegally begun dropping war supplies to Islamic terrorists in Syria in violation of international law after Aerospace Forces have nearly obliterated all of ISIS/ISIL forces ammunition and heavy vehicles within this war zone.

In a public address earlier today castigating the Obama regime for arming these Islamic terrorists, this report says, President Putin further stated: “Now they announced that they are supplying the Free Syrian Army with weapons, ammunition. Where is this Free Syrian Army? If they just unload and throw these arms, weapons and ammunition out of air, where is the guarantee that it would not fall into the hands of ISIL like it was during the preparation of another makeup of the Syrian army?”

This report notes that the Obama regimes propaganda about the existence of a Free Syrian Army was proven to be a myth by one of America’s own mainstream news sources, NBC, who in examining these alleged fighters described them as: “The Free Syrian Army is an army in name only. It is made up of hundreds of small units, some secular, some religious – whether mainstream or radical. Others are family gangs, or simply criminals.”

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, this report further explains, who has “no doubt” these Obama regime weapons have fallen into Islamic terrorists hands, even asked his Obama regime counterpart, US Secretary of State John Kerry, to provide information about this “fake” army so that Russia might coordinate with them, a request to which Secretary Kerry did not even reply.

With the Obama regimes actions in regard to protecting their Islamic terrorists, this report continues, they have, also, become more insane by the day as aside from them now dropping war supplies to them, they have now begun assisting Turkey in bombing the Kurdish fighters in Iraq whom, likewise, had just been supplied with American arms and ammunition.

Upon Turkey’s bombing of these Kurdish forces fighting against Islamic terrorists, this report says, President Putin held an urgent meeting with the Turkish ambassador to Moscow, Mr Ümit Yardim, wherein Russia’s leader told him: “…tell your dictator president he can go to hell along with his ISIS terrorists and I shall make Syria to nothing but a ‘Big Stalingrad’, for Erdoğan and his Saudi allies are no less vicious than Adolf Hitler.”

Also, this report continues, President Putin delivered the same “forceful” message to Saudi Arabia’s defence minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Salman when they met this past weekend in response to Saudi clerics declaring war against Russia.

President Putin’s “verbal imagery” comparing the Great Patriotic War (World War II) Battle of Stalingrad to what is now happening in Syria to both Turkey and Saudi Arabia, this report details, should not be lost in its fullest meeting as that strategic confrontation against Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany was over the oil resources in that region—and to which Hitler accurately described its critical importance by stating: “If I do not get the oil of Maikop and Grozny then I must finish [liquidieren; “kill off”, “liquidate”] this war.”

And as Stalingrad was the “linchpin” which determined the fate of Russia against Nazi Germany in World War II, this report continues explaining, so is Syria today as the Obama regime and its Western allies continue to support the cruel, barbaric and despotic Islamic theocracies of Saudi Arabia and its Gulf State monarchies who remain so out of step of with the modern world their societies can only be described in the most medieval of terms.

As energy is the foundation of Russia, its economy, its government, and its political system, this report warns, the last few years has seen the threats to Russia’s energy industry from an increasingly desperate West led by the Obama regime multiply and intensify to such an extent that they now pose an existential threat to the industry—and therefore to the Russian economy—meaning Russia itself.

To what is fueling this conflict, this report further explains, are the pipelines (existing and proposed) transiting both Syria and Iraq which the West seeks to control, but which Russia is determined to never allow.

With the West knowing this fact that Russia’s very survival is at threat in this conflict, this report further warns, the Obama regime and its allies continue to spout propaganda lies to their people about what this war is about—and leading some commentators in America to wonder if President Obama is actually trying to start World War III.

And with the US Senate now insanely proposing that Syrian refugees be used as human shields to protect these Islamic terrorists, this report grimly notes, even US Senator Rand Paul has had to warn his nation that such a move would lead to World War III.

And with Russia being the world’s richest country when it comes to natural resources having a value of $75.7 trillion, and a paltry debt against it of only $246 billion, this report concludes, the United States total natural resources worth of $45 trillion is massively dwarfed by its staggering debt of $116 trillion ($18 trillion actual and $98 trillion in unfunded liabilities), thus showing clearly why the bankrupt Obama regime needs to destroy Russia.

After all, a tyrannical empire ruling over an ignorant population is only as successful as the nations it can plunder—it remains highly doubtful that Russia is going to be one of them.


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  • Yeah, Obama’s a Communist

    And once again, Putin erases another of Pinocchio’s “red lines”.

    From the start, Obama has been nothing but one long national embarrassment.
    Obama is a disgrace.

  • Pocok4 .

    Putin fights terrorists the U.S. govt and obongo arms terrorists….
    Let that sink in for a moment.

  • olgagonzalezchavez

    but He loves America and he is a christian .(sarcasm, extreme sarcasm).

  • eddyjames

    Why isn’t Obama up on charges of treason for supplying Terrorist with arms. Would some one please explain that to me? Can we turn him over to an international court for his criminal acts? Someone somewhere please charge him for something Maybe Uganda can charge him for promoting sexual deviancy.

    • ImajWalker

      Only in the USA.. can a president.. LIE about his birth certificate, send USA Military (children) into wars based on LIES and perform GENOCIDE on Americans using False Flags & Lying Media (which is LEGAL) because the PEOPLE are brainwashed & controlled.
      Only in America, can someone be ‘investigated (Hillary) for TREASON & MURDER and still be a Presidential Candidate because the PEOPLE are too ‘scared’ to do anything and because ALL of Washington is bought & paid for!
      Putin knows ALL OF THIS and he’s now doing Americans a favor! The USA’s reputation is SOOOO bad in the world now..

      The holocaust is coming to the USA as the people just sit and WATCH!

    • Mo Doggie

      USA govt has been involved in plots against other govts for a long time, long before Obama. Usually supporting fascist regimes suitable for cooperation with American corporates (now “multinational corporations.”) “Asset-stripping”.
      Some examples: Argentina, Indonesia, Poland.

  • Adrian Bell

    Obama is a traitor and he alone will bring on WW3, Because he is a muslim and a muslim loving traitor, to the united states, He fired top dogs in the security areas and put known muslim brother hood terrorists in their place.. kill obama soon or usa will end up a war zone..

    • Emad Intifada

      This isn’t about muslims. He is a puppet for the zionist bankers.

      • Mo Doggie

        Zionists work for the same bankers/goldsmiths. Israel is their Zionist project. (i think they do not actually believe in the old tribal stories about god promising them that land and so on.)
        More than the usury, their wealth-creating/power schemes have developed and extended since they they came to an arrangement with the king of England hundreds of years ago. (Basically the
        beginning of the currency setup we know now.)

  • Duan Strydom

    How do people not see through Obama and his ridiculous explanations for his actions? He is unprofessional, extremely arrogant and most of all, lacks the skills to be a leader! He will most probably cause WWIII and blame it on someone else like he usually does. All because of greed. FFS, can’t the bastard be happy with what he has, and learn to share? Was he even properly educated? It certainly doesn’t seem that way.

    • lintolhurst@hotmail.co.uk

      I agree totally with you..I somehow knew Oman a would come up with something nasty.. as this….. get him OUT … BEFORE HE STARTS WW111

    • Astraea Shaw

      He is a poor pathetic puppet, easily manipulated and used because heis so insecure, so lacking in self confidence, so UNmanly. It is awful – and I know two people who voted for him! It is hard to believe that anyone can be that stupid, that weak in character, that unethical. Thank God there are actually some real Americans out there still – some MEN. (Listen to http://www.themicroeffect.com and hear the real American Mark Koernke in his Intelligence report. It helps a lot to hear him because he and a few million others will fight to restore freedom in America.)

  • Alan

    somebody started dropping guns over America what would be the response? Agree with Putin 100%

  • 777American

    This is for all US military members; if your mission does not relate to the direct defense of our Constitution against any enemy, it is your duty to reject the mission due to it being an unlawful order. Demand Truth and Justice. 9/11 was a false flag operation. Don’t be on the wrong side of history. You serve the American people, not the psycho banksters led by Netanyahu.

    • timewalker53

      I totally agree with you, American

      • zia Ahmed Jalbani

        I fully endorse it as I see no other way to put brakes on cruel bankesters in total control of mad dog called Natanyahu.

  • Ian

    This is not good! Get that musrat Obumma to behave before he triggers a nuclear war.

  • David Townend

    what a brilliantly written article

  • James Hocking

    The news just keeps getting better every day.

  • Napoleon Grove

    I’ve read the article which is well written but there is nothing contained in it that supports the headline used. Also the Source is not cited – it just heads to an ad page – which is bad journalism and detracts fro the article.

  • mksharma62

    Cold war getting hot?

    • Reverend Veritas

      Probably just going to sit on the back burner and simmer again. The world is too inter-connected to afford the destruction and instability caused by another world war. At most we’ll get another war of proxies instead of direct conflict between giants.

  • SuchindranathAiyer

    Jolly good. If the US was serious about choking off their ally ISIS, they could have done so by choking off supplies well before the first beheading and the sexual enslavement of Yazidi women.

  • Ashi

    Its good to be the king

  • kierandsouza

    it was a blunder to elect this war monger for a second term. Americans please don’t repeat the blunder by voting Hillary, she is not even fit to be a presidential candidate for her role in Libya destruction.

    • Dragnoxz

      Dude, Obama is not to blame, it is the bankers and oil corporations. He got us OUT of the Middle East, and is trying to improve relations with Iran. All he needs to do is improve relations with Russia, and all will be good, and those bastard corporate greed rules powers will dwindle.

      • kierandsouza

        well someone should remind him it is the American people who elected him not the banksters. And how can he improve relations with Russia with crippling sanctions and bringing NATO to his (Putin’s) doorstep?

  • Vasu Kadambi

    Somewhere in Kenya a village is missing its Idiot !

  • Rajen Rajkhowa

    America is brought themselves into an interesting story now..


  • Narendra

    I was surprised to to hear Gen Wesley talk about a coup of sort in USA comprising of GW Bush, Rumsfeld, Hillary Clinton and junior Bush and also Obama as they have decided to uproot any body who opposes Petro dollar trade. Country line up for attack are 1. Afghanistan for a cover up, 2. Iraq – Already destroyed. Libya – destroyed, 3. Syria – Ops on to change government, 4. Venezuela – the member of Axis of Evil as per President Bush, Iran – one of the targets, Sudan – another target. These targets were decided in 1991. China is omitted as they can not risk their huge investments made in China.


    Ground development for the WW III

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