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Angela Merkel Says God Sent Illegal Immigrants to Europe

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A German economic news website, Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten, reports Chancellor Angela Merkel as declaring the massive influx of illegal immigrants entering Germany and Europe are sent by God.

Merkel said it is “the duty of Germany” to accept the migrants, most arriving from Syria and the Middle East.

The Chancellor said she is in agreement with Cardinal Reinhard Marx, the President of the Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Union.

In April, prior to the largest influx of refugees in Europe since the Second World War, Marx said “Europe’s response will be a litmus test for European values.”

Marx met with Merkel on September 29 to discuss the crisis.

“The fundamental right to asylum must not be questioned,” Cardinal Marx said. “Anyone who makes an application for asylum must receive a fair and quick process. That is our demand.”

Initially, Germany expected 800,000 illegals, but estimates on the number are double the original figure, according to the BBC, citing an internal official report published by the popular daily Bild.

The report warns that services currently assisting the migrants will fail and the situation will worsen as winter arrives.

“It will get much colder still, and the provision of adequate shelter is not even close to matching the number of people crossing into Serbia every day,” Doctors Without Borders President Meinie Nicolai told The Associated Press.

Meanwhile, in the towns of Plauen and Sebnitz, thousands of Germans protested against the crisis. The media blames the anti-Islamic Pegida movement for the demonstrations.

Thus far, according to Frontex, an organization monitoring the European Union’s external borders, there have been 630,000 illegal border crossings as of the end of September.


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4 Responses to " Angela Merkel Says God Sent Illegal Immigrants to Europe "

  1. Pocok4 . says:

    Merkel is an atheist, she lies when she opens her mouth.
    Arrest her for High Treason against the EU, along with juncker and hollande, they want to destroy the European culture and people by letting mainly muslim insurgents in.
    According to the UN at least 72% of people entering the EU are single man between 18-35, no wife no kid, well fed, agressive, and often times radical muslim, probably many of them are former cia backed insurgents , thats whom merkel supports.
    Rape rate in Sweden went up by 1400% according to Swedish police, 99% of the attacks are comitted by muslim immigrants and thats not only happening in Sweden, but also in the UK, France and Germany the countries with the highest muslim populations in the EU.
    The actions of merkel directly violated multiple law’s of the EU and also Germany and puts the lifes of its citizens in direct danger wich she has no right to do.
    Arrest her for High Treason now Germans, as long as you can and as long as you still have a country left to be saved, you dont want to become the next Syria or libya do you?

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    • olgagonzalezchavez says:

      All part of agenda 21 (order out of chaos )an invasion to destroy cohesion of EU manufactured by global elitist (nwo)The EU having an unarmed populous is a perfect springboard to create civil unrest therby ushering a police state .

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      • skreamer says:

        At least someone knows what is really happening!
        We need to take down the 13 controlling families and all royal families!
        Then we can create an awesome world.
        These so called leaders of the world are all under mind control by a group know as MK-Ultra.
        They do and say as there told and have no idea there being played like a puppet!

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  2. TJ says:

    Her cheese slipped off her cracker.

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