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US Paying Migrant Smugglers To Invade EU - Austrian Intelligence Leak

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An incredible accusation now comes from the ranks of the Austrian intelligence service. According to information by an employee of the Austrian Defence Office, findings about the fact that the US is paying the smugglers who daily bring thousands of refugees to Europe is presented.

The traffickers demand huge sums of money to bring refugees to Europe illegally. These refugees are often very poor, yet a transport across the Mediterranean currently costs 7000-14000 Euros, which vary from region and trafficking organization.

From police circles, which have to do with asylum seekers on a daily basis (alone in Erstaufnahmelager Traiskirchen there are more than 100 officers), costs to different countries have long been known. And the suspicion that the United States, in terms of geostrategy, is involved in the game is voiced repeatedly.

A few experts are willing to let reliable information be leaked, but no one wants their name to be leaked in public.

There are insights that organizations from the US have created a co-financing scheme and carry substantial amounts of the trafficking costs. Not many refugees from North Africa have 11,000 euros in cash, yet nobody dare ask where the money comes from?

There is a strict media blackout on the issue. Even the HNaA (*) has received no information or may not pass it on. However, it must be told to the public. These are the same arsonists at work that plunged Ukraine into chaos a year ago.

It sure is a very good question, which nobody in mainstream media is asking. Where does the money come from? It should be pretty clear to anyone that it is impossible that poor Africans and/or Middle Easterners who have had to flee either war or poverty can have the amounts of money being asked by traffickers. So how do they get on the boats without being sponsored by someone? Is the Obama administration sponsoring the migrant invasion of Europe? Is the UN involved? Is Saudi Arabia involved? Someone is, and mainstream media should start hiring journalists who can act like journalists. It’s urgent! Maybe then we would get answers to questions like this. Meanwhile you’ll have to rely on alternative media to ask the questions. Those who are independent and dare.

* Heeresnachrichtenamt (Army Intelligence Office) is an intelligence agency of the Austrian Armed Forces. Heeresnachrichtenamt researches information on military operations and projects abroad and conducts data analysis of gathered intelligence. The service maintains branch offices in Linz, Graz and Klagenfurt.


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