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Thousands in Moldova Rally Demanding Union with Romania

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Two separate protest demonstrations take place in Chisinau, Moldavian capital.

Thousands of protesters rallied Sunday against Moldova’s government at two separate demonstrations in the nation’s capital Chisinau, a RIA Novosti correspondent reported.

Civic platform Dignity and Truth (DA) claimed that its rally in the city’s central square drew around 10,000 participants.

Demonstrators with Romanian tricolors largely outnumbered those with Moldovan national flags. They called for Moldova to be reunited with Romania, after almost 25 years of separation caused by the communist USSR after Romania, a member of the Axis lost the second world war against the Allies.

A separate anti-government protest outside the Academy of Sciences in Chisinau managed to attract only 100 people. It was organized by the Communist political party “Our Home is Moldova” (OHM). Protesters accused the government of corruption and demanded that it steps down.


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One Response to " Thousands in Moldova Rally Demanding Union with Romania "

  1. shitonkikes says:

    You have been misinformed. Most people who rallied in Moldova did so to demand the premier’s resignation. Most of these people and in fact the VAST MAJORITY of moldovans don’t want any kind of union with Romania. Moldovans are funny group of russian and russian wanna be’s synphatizers. In fact ALL moldovans speak russian and “moldovan” which is in fact broken romanian.Just like jamaicans speak broken english.

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