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Soros obliges Europe to adopt million Muslim migrants a year

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The American billionaire George Soros, who owns the Soros Fund, offered Europe his own way to tackle refugees problem.

He believes that the EU countries should adopt up to a million Muslim migrants annually.

Soros noted that if Europe is ready to carry it out, he will support this initiative and allocate his funds to the European governments as long-term bonds.

According to him, the Muslim refugees, that arrive to Europe, may choose jobs and further accommodation on their own, as well as claim social safety net along with other citizens.

The United Nations states the current influx of 8,000 refugees per day entering the continent is merely “the tip of the iceberg.”


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  • Brian Geary

    Good idea, Soros. But Israel, too, should be included and should accept millions of these refugees per year. That’s what democracies do.

    • dixi3150


    • Spiritglogal

      First let all the Muslim countries take them in. The fact is that they have room for them but don’t WANT them! And they cause trouble everywhere they go, with increasing nurder, rape & every other kind of hell is behavior. They hate Jews, & you want Israel to take them? Wake up! They have enough to deal with, having rockets firing on them incessantly. No, that would be ridiculous. Read your history!

  • MarxistMangler

    The International Jew has always been the nemesis of Whites.

  • john4637

    Soros an insidious deceiver, who is trying to pull down every free state in the world for his own greed. He is a corrupt individual whom I hope burns in Hell for all eternity.

  • yzwisey

    Stop associating this euro with America . He bought his citizenship from oboma. Vile sociallist hoping to get rewards from the NWO.

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