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Russia to retaliate against new US bans

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The Russian Foreign Ministry building is seen in the background.

Russia has warned that a recent decision by Washington to expand its list of sanctions against Russian entities would backfire, saying the move will certainly be reciprocated by Moscow.

The Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Wednesday, slamming the US government for expanding the list of anti-Russia sanctions, saying the move is another element in a whole series of “hostile actions” made by Washington toward Russia in different spheres.

It said, however, that Russia would not let Washington to easily go along with its dreams for pressuring Moscow.

“The United States should not harbor illusions about the possibility to continue this line without negative consequences for themselves,” said the statement, adding, “Reciprocal measures from us will definitely follow, and they will not necessarily be mirrored.”

The statement came hours after the US Department of Commerce added new companies operating in Russia and other countries to its list of sanctions, claiming that their activities may have been a breach of the so-called Iran, North Korea, and Syria Nonproliferation Act.

Russia dismissed the accusations, saying the fresh sanctions are in fact a continuation of Washington’s previous trend of embargoes on Moscow over the issue of Ukraine. Russia and the United States have been locked in a bitter row over Ukraine since an armed conflict erupted there over one and a half year ago.

The Russian ministry said, however, that Russia’s independent position on international issues, a hint at Moscow’s policy toward Iran and Syria, has infuriated the US, saying Washington is basically not interested to cooperate with Moscow over various issues, and just tries to punish Russia for its “consistent defense of national interests.”

Moscow’s March 2014 approval of the yes vote on reunification of Ukraine’s Crimea with Russia prompted US allies in Europe to impose several rounds of economic sanctions on Kremlin officials and entities. Russia reciprocated with banning the import of major food products from some European countries, causing them a huge loss in economic benefits.


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