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Russia Begins September War, Issues Dire Warning To Britain

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The Ministry of Defense (MoD) is now reporting that for the first time in 24 years since its establishment in 1991 (following the collapse of the Soviet Union), the Russian Federation has followed correctly its constitutional order when earlier today the 162 members of the upper chamber of the Federal Assembly, Council of Federation, unanimously approved a Declaration of War requested by President Putin against the terrorist forces operating in the Levant known as the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) and has begun combat operations.

According to this report, President Putin requested this Declaration of War following consultations with Chinese President Xi Jinping whose nation had just been savagely attacked just hours earlier today when believed to be ISIS/ISIL terrorists attacked the city of Liuzhou with a series of “massive” explosions.

Important to note, this report continues, both President Putin and President Xi had pre-established a joint “war protocol” against ISIS/ISIL during their stay at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City this past week with the Chinese agreeing to send military advisors to Syria, stationing at the Russian-controlled Mediterranean Port of Tartus one of their aircraft carriers and missile cruisers, and providing a Chinese Marine landing force of 1,000 troops.

To how powerful the combined Russian-Chinese forces now are in being able to defeat ISIS/ISIL, this report says, has been noticed by many in the West, including former Obama regime official James Lewis, who is a senior fellow and program director at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), and who yesterday stated:

“The Russians and Chinese have limited force-projection capabilities, but put them both together, combined with Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Hezb’allah, and Assad’s troops, and you get the kind of force projection only the U.S. has possessed in the past half-century.”

Of the greatest “fears/concerns” facing Russian and Chinese forces as they battle ISIS/ISIL, this report warns, is the Obama regime and its allies, most notably Britain, siding with these terrorists and their Sunni Muslim Saudi Arabian and Gulf State financial backers [see below reports for further context] which if occurred, would begin World War III.

However, this report says, after fully understanding President Putin’s determination to destroy ISIS/ISIL during their meeting this week, President Obama yesterday ordered the Pentagon to cease training and funding anti-Syrian forces and further ordered American military forces to immediately open a line of communication with their Russian counterparts.

The United Kingdom though, this report continues, has as yet failed to respond to Russia’s warning to stop supporting ISIS/ISIL financial backers Saudi Arabia causing President Putin to issue to them a “direct warning” of potential combat should the British continue their already failed efforts.

With Britain continuing their massive shipments of weapons to Saudi Arabia, this report explains, the Saudis “military option” threat earlier today to send forces and arms into Syria and Iraq to support ISIS/ISIL against Russian forces constitutes a grave threat of relations between Russia and the United Kingdom.

Making this Saudis threat even graver, this report further warns, has been that Kingdom’s removal from the West of billions-of-dollars causing a global economic crisis that since June has caused a global wealth destruction of over $13 trillion.

With Saudi Arabia, also, collapsing into turmoil, this report says, new reports are now emerging stating that some members of the royal family are now calling for a coup—which should that occur, would mean Russian and Chinese forces could very well likely come into direct confrontation with them.

As more information is released in the Kremlin relating to this September War we will continue to update you.


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4 Responses to " Russia Begins September War, Issues Dire Warning To Britain "

  1. Justinian says:

    Next Barry Soetoro, AKA Obama, will blame Putin for the Syrian war, because Putin is white.

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  2. Yvonne Donaldson says:

    Russia is looking after their interests and that of Syria, Iraq and Iran which the US fucked because of their greedy consumption of oil and drugs and China is backing them. World Order by the US is out the window and they are definitely feeling it. They are losing control over countries they have sanctioned time and time again. The US runs the United Nations and can therefore break the rules and do whatever they want. Alas, the time has come when their assed are about to be kicked…………………

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  3. skreamer says:

    Its fucking October! Ive been waiting on my front porch with beer and a “Nuke me Putin you fag” flag. But no WW3! You fucking liars!
    You said Putin was going to start WW3 in September!
    Now you give me more bullshit! That Putin wants to stop CIA funded ISIS.
    Russia could stop ISIS in 15 minutes if it wanted!
    The shit they still feed people is incredible. Always an excuse to manufacture more population control weapons!

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    • VicBailey says:

      WHY are we paying a Socialist Regime to destroy America? This has been going on ever since LBJ days. It got a lot worse when HW Bush started his New World Order Bullshit. The American people need to wake the hell up and run this regime of vermin OUT OF OUR COUNTRY! Send the Bush, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Morgan and Soros families to go and live with ISIS and see how they fare? Semper Fi.

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