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Migrant Crisis Exposed! Most of the "Refugees" are Not Even from Syria

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The Sydney Morning Herald reported that 90% of those arriving in Serbia from Macedonia, say they are Syrian but have no documents to prove it. Lots of discarded ID cards have been found belonging to Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. These people aren’t fleeing war, they aren’t running from ISIS!

A backdoor plot to enforce mass immigration that European voters had previously rejected.

The migrant crisis is being exploited by governments to impose mass immigration on western countries whose voters have overwhelming rejected the failed policy of multiculturalism.

A Muslim “refugee” arriving in Budapest, Hungary as part of the wave of migrants entering Europe was caught on camera giving what some have claimed represents a beheading gesture.

The clip shows a Hungarian TV reporter standing in front of piles of clothes and other personal items used by migrants while they were at Budapest train station.

The camera then pans around to a young man who appears keen to send a message. He then draws his hand across his throat.

Others claim the gesture merely represents the man’s wish not to be filmed. However, he seems to be deliberately drawing attention to himself at the start of the clip.

Prominent critic of Islamic extremism Pamela Geller claimed the footage illustrated how, “Europe is taking in millions of these hostile invaders.”

Governments in Germany and Austria throwing their borders open to untold numbers of “refugees” has led to fears that groups like ISIS could hijack the migrant crisis to infiltrate thousands of jihadists.

As the Sydney Morning Herald reports, many of the migrants arriving under the justification that they are fleeing war torn Syria are not Syrian at all and have been faking IDs in order to exploit the crisis and get access to the gravy train of welfare and benefits offered by countries like Germany and Sweden.

This is just a coincidence.

Amidst the deluge of positive media coverage given to the arriving migrants, including footage of left wing Germans applauding them as they arrive in Munich, discussion of any negative impact that potentially millions of non-assimilated immigrants could have on Europe has been largely restricted.

Another photograph of one of the arriving migrants shows a man wearing a t-shirt which reads, “Fear for your wife.”

Looking forward to the fantastic contribution some of these migrants will make to western society.

Meanwhile, a head teacher at a school in Germany which is situated near a migrant center has warned teens not to wear mini-skirts so as to avoid “attacks” by the migrants.

Many of the “refugees” also don’t look like refugees at all, with a lot of them wearing expensive western clothing while looking well fed and carrying iPhones.

Why is this “migrant” arriving in Germany carrying an iPhone?


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