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Juncker Says Russia Breaching EU Borders Amid Migrant Crisis

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Hypocrisy at its Best! EC President Juncker accused Russia of breaching the “security and borders” of the EU, in Ukraine even though Ukraine is NOT an EU state, while EU itself is being literally INVADED with millions of undocumented Middle Eastern Muslim migrants in what is now known as “the biggest migrant crisis since World War 2”!

Where is the damn security now? Some known ISIS terrorists have even been caught on camera, infiltrated among the refugees. To make things worse, it is estimated that somewhere around 90% of all the so-called “refugees” are not even real refugees from war-torn Syria and Iraq. 90% of them are in fact coming from countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh where there are NO wars and they have been caught on camera discarding their real ID cards before entering EU territory.

Exactly on the same day, Juncker also said that he plans to accept 160,000 Muslim migrants in the EU and accused the EU of being soulless for not taking in more migrants and equally share them.

What about the EU borders when they are being breached millions of times by millions of migrants?

Don’t these traitorous leftist politician scum have any more limits these days?

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