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Hungarian Migrant Train Halted, Re-Directed to Refugee Camp

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Hundreds of illegal Muslim immigrants who managed to board a train from Budapest to the border with Austria have had their journey stopped by police in Hungary, where the authorities are attempting to force them to stay in a refugee camp instead.

Some of the thousands of immigrants camped at Budapest’s Keleti train station who managed to get a place on a train bound for the border with Austria had their journey curtailed by Hungarian authorities on Thursday, who intend to send the immigrants to a camp instead of allowing them to reach their destination.

The train was the first to depart Keleti train station after two days during which police closed the station to refugees and immigrants, and left Budapest early on Thursday.

Instead of continuing to its destination of Sopron, near the Austrian border, the train stopped at the town of Bicske, an hour from Budapest, the site of one of Hungary’s four main refugee camps.

Confrontations ensued between the immigrants and police, when security forces in Hungary tried to force immigrants off the train. Immigrants shouting “no camp,” refused to leave the train. When some were forcibly removed, they lay on the tracks in protest.

Hungarian police forced journalists away from Bicske station, which, according to reports, has been declared an ‘operation zone’ by authorities.


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2 Responses to " Hungarian Migrant Train Halted, Re-Directed to Refugee Camp "

  1. Skreamer says:

    They should send them to where Santa Claus really lives……Christmas island!
    Why dont they fix there own country before ruining other peoples countries?
    Why would you not shoot them?
    There probably all terrorists sneaking in for some huge Muslim attack on the good Caucasian races of earth!…..so there like an invading army and should be shot/blown up/burnt/stopped in any way possible before your all dead!

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  2. oldwease says:

    These images will surely form the basis of the UK’s “Leave” campaign. The message is simple; this is the tide heading our way. Stay in the EU and it’ll wash right over us.

    Sadly, there are still enough halfwits in the UK to let that happen, all courtesy of our gutless politicians and corrupt media.

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