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Germans opposing immigration on Facebook, facing jail, fines, kids stolen and job loss

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Germans who make racist anti-migrant posts could have their children snatched by the state and be fired from their jobs, according to the German Lawyers’ Association.

In an article entitled Racism and parenting: Threatening loss of custody?, lawyer Eva Becker, Chair of the Working Group on Family Law in the German Bar Association, outlines the conditions under which “xenophobic” Facebook posts could lead to parents being targeted.

Although Becker asserts that merely opposing the settlement of migrants in Germany would not lead to parental rights being terminated, such views could easily lead to someone being fired from their job.

Expressing a desire for violence against the migrants would constitute evidence enough for a family court to remove children from the home, according to Becker.

While this appears to be a high bar, idle threats of violence are made by countless people on the Internet every day, with the vast majority going completely unpunished.

Given the apparent cover-up of rapes being committed by “migrants” in Germany, the notion of an irate father making violent comments in a ‘heat of the moment’ Facebook rant is entirely plausible. Although such comments are obviously abhorrent, should they really lead to children being taken away from their parents by the state?

Becker suggests that racist and xenophobic statements made in the presence of a child that constitute a “negative influence” would also be investigated by the authorities.

Becker advises ex-partners to collect screenshots of Facebook comments and other Internet activity if they are considering bringing a case before the family court.

As we highlighted yesterday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was caught on a hot mic discussing plans with German Chancellor Angela Merkel to censor anti-migrant Facebook posts in Germany.

“Are you working on this?” Merkel asked. “Yeah,” Zuckerberg responded before their microphone was cut.

Those found guilty of “refugee baiting” remarks will be hit with fines up to €5000 euros or 120 days in jail. The program will be overseen by Network Against Nazis (Netz gegen Nazis), a group led by left-wing activist Anetta Kahane.

As we previously reported, Kahane worked as a Stasi informant under the codename “Victoria” from 1974-1982. The Stasi’s role was to spy on the population of East Germany and to use its vast network of informants to hunt down political dissidents.


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  • Nordic卐Knight

    This is disgraceful, we truly live under a tyrannical oppressive totalitarian government that will ruin you in every way if you do not follow their narrative and follow the crowd.

  • Edward_Teach

    It’s time for a revolution.

  • bobfairlane

    Annetta Kohen should be thrown in a dumpster and buried in rotten fish heads!

  • bobfairlane

    The scum flooding Germany are NOT REFUGEES! They are pirates! Just like the jews rolling out welcome mats for them!

    • SWohio

      Your multiple screen names don’t hide what you are.

  • davidfulton3

    The problem is with the Jews causing wars, & conflict, & the resulting displacing of folks. The guilt, for the situation, lies upon the Jewish, Anti Gentile, Gentile Enslavement, Banking Syndicate, & not upon the refugees…Keep Your Eyes On the Prize : http://www.educate-yourself.org/cn/protocolsofsion.shtml

    • SWohio

      You are no more welcome with your filthy comments here than you were on all the other sites you have used to post your filth.

      • Murray Lee Wilson

        Doesn’t mean they’re not true. I don’t see you disputing the things he brought up. Do you know that in the days of Rome, there were a few wealthy Jews who betrayed all their fellow Jews to the Romans? There are a lot of really good Jews and there are some who are amongst the most evil people to walk the planet. Before critisizing what others say, you should learn the difference.

  • Justin Sawchuk

    Christ man soon they will arresting whites just for existing. Your going to be arrested for having a white child, violent revolution or the way of the dodo.

    • Ham & Cheese

      Ultimately, the joke’s on them.

      When whites are all gone the world will slide back into the idiocracy it was before.

      That includes israel. Lawyers, moneychangers & priests didn’t save you from the Romans and it won’t save you from the muslims.

      • Fern Fernson

        I don’t think we are so cucked that we would allow this. We allowed a slow boiling of the frog (us), but now they are pouring boiling water on us.

  • Tasos Papazahariou

    You reap what you sow Cuckmany

  • Uncle Ocelot

    Sweden 2.0

  • Alex Chiu

    I can see why there are so many attacks on refugee shelters.

    With no methods left to say “no” without going to jail, there remains only one way to make a difference…

  • RonHess

    The sons of satan have twisted reality such that defending your homelands from invasion is seen as something evil. Any white person who calls any other white person a “racist” is a traitor and deserves the traditional fate of traitors.

  • Rude_Mammy

    Hitler was right.

    • Wehr Wolf

      He was our last chance for survival.

  • Giels Nerhardt

    We must try to control the internet they said
    It’s far too dangerous they said

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