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French Mayor Goes Door To Door Facing Illegal Migrants

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Robert Ménard, Mayor of Béziers in Southern France, has again made the headlines for fighting the illegal immigrants into Europe.

Ménard, accompanied by armed police and a translator, is going door-to-door in a block of apartments where illegal immigrant have broken in, and are now squatting.

He told one illegal immigrant squatter this:

“You are not welcome in this town. You came into this apartment, breaking the door, stealing the water. People have to pay for this water, but you are just stealing water and electricity. It is not allowed in this town to just come in to an apartment and to live in it without permission.”

“So I say again, you are not welcome in this town. If you had behaved like a decent person, you would have been welcome. You might be welcomed acting like this in big cities, but I’m not ready to do that here. You act like we have no choice but to accept you.”

Earlier this year, Ménard came under fire for counting the number of non-French children in his town. By counting the surnames, he found 64.6% of children in the town were Muslim.

For counting the number of non-French names, he was placed under investigation by the police. He wasn’t scared by this, and now he is standing his ground on illegal immigration into the town as well. This guy has got a lot of guts!

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