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Cameron calls pro-refugee new Labour leader Corbyn "Threat to National Security"

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British Prime Minister David Cameron said that the UK Labour party which elected communist, self declared “Karl Marx admirer”, Jeremy Corbyn as its new leader, a threat to “national security, economic security and family’s security.”

The Labour party, which elected Jeremy Corbyn its new leader on Saturday, has become a threat to the United Kingdom’s national and economic security, British Prime Minister David Cameron said Sunday.

“The Labour Party is now a threat to our national security, our economic security and your family’s security,” Cameron wrote in his Twitter account.

Corbyn has been widely referred to as one of the most “rebellious” members of UK parliament, as he had opposed Britain’s participation in the Iraq war, and spoke against the renewal of the British Trident nuclear deterrent infrastructure.

Also on Saturday, UK Defense Secretary Michael Fallon also said that Corbyn’s triumph will negatively affect the lives of ordinary Britons.

The Conservative party fears that Corbyn would breach a consensus between the two major British parties on major issues, such as nuclear weapons, taxation and others.

Corbyn won the UK Labour Party’s leadership race on Saturday obtaining some 59.5 percent of votes in the first round and he fully supports the flooding of UK with millions of refugees, maybe even up until native Britons become replaced and eventually extinct in their own country.


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