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Bulgaria denies airspace for Russian supply flights to Syria

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The Bulgarian authorities made an official statement, according to which they did not permit two Russian flights with humanitarian aid to Syria over its territory.

“We have enough information that makes us have serious doubts about the cargo of the planes, which is the reason for the refusal,” the Bulgarian foreign ministry’s spokeswoman said.

The planes thus got to Syria via the Iranian air space.

Pravda.Ru reported that despite a serious pressure on the Athens from the US, Greece did not close its air space for Russian planes delivering humanitarian aid to Syria.

The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that the US sent a request demanding to close Greek air space for Russian planes with humanitarian aid for Syria.


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4 Responses to " Bulgaria denies airspace for Russian supply flights to Syria "

  1. Defiant says:

    Another vassal of the U.S. govt, sad.
    The U.S. govt supports isis the Russian govt support a secular govt, you decide.

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    • shitonkikes says:

      Would you rather be a Putler’s puppet. If so-I feel sorry for the martyrs of the 1956 hungarian uprising against bolshevism, the first major anti russian occupation uprising in Europe! Those hingarian heroes are biting their hands, listening to you.

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      • Defiant says:

        You live in the past I live in the present, thats the difference.
        Calling Putin putler tells it all, you are another sad romanian troll who doesnt even understands the concept of Freedom, you just went from a warsaw pact opression to U.S./NATO opression and occupation, have fun licking the boots of the U.S.
        The difference between us is that we are always in opposition while you are always bootlickers:)

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  2. FraMar says:

    Neither Russia people nor the US people would benefit for this conflict. So, can you guess who WILL?!

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